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Why Print Is Here to Stay

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Many people have wondered if everything in the future will be purely digital. Our society is becoming increasingly wired, and technology is only getting smaller, faster, and more affordable. Publishing books to e-readers instead of hard copies, advertising online with PPC campaigns and other purely digital formats, and sending potential clients emails containing your latest […]

A Reality with Dry Erase Wall Graphics for Home & Business

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Communicating with Your Walls Increase communication in any setting by letting your walls talk. With a dry erase wall graphic on the blank walls in your office or at home, messages are updated and readily available with a few strokes of a marker. Also known as a wall decal, the low-tac adhesive won’t harm your […]


The Power and Wonder of Gift and Loyalty Card Programs – Part III

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Once you implement a loyalty card program, the next hurdle is how to inspire customers to keep coming back to your store. By “cycling” your cards, the task becomes less of an obstacle.


The Power and Wonder of Gift and Loyalty Card Programs – Part II

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When planning a gift or loyalty card program for your business, you should have two goals in mind.


The Power and Wonder of Gift and Loyalty Card Programs – Part I

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Would you like to be a part of the $200 billion in merchant sales in the upcoming year? Then it may be worth implementing a gift or loyalty card into your marketing plan. With these cards, small businesses have a powerful way to compete in the marketplace.


Yard Signs: Down-to-Earth Advertising with Billboard-sized Results

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Are you looking for a new way to advertise an event or business? If so, yard signs are one of the popular options available to business owners. These miniature billboards pack an advertising bang; they fit well into most advertising budgets and grant the viewer more reading time than the typical drive-by billboard.


Vinyl Banners: A Blast for your Brand

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Are you looking for a new way to promote your business? Then stir things up with a vinyl banner. A banner is a great way to draw attention to your product or service in any setting.


Beyond the Business Card: Postcards Enrich the Message and the Memory

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When we think of the postcard, we are reminded of those bright, scenic cards found in visitor’s centers. Businesses have incorporated the postcard into sales campaigns, but there are so many other possibilities to enhance your brand. You don’t need a dreamy location to consider a postcard, nor do you need a huge sale or […]


Yard Signs and Color: The Psychological Impact

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When it comes to the humble yard sign, one of the most important decisions a campaign manager needs to make is regarding color. Understanding color psychology and its influence can be the difference between losing votes and gaining more voters on Election Day. Choosing the best colors for your campaign sign means selecting colors that […]


Your Business Does Not Promote Itself!

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Anyone who has ventured into entrepreneurship knows that building a business must find, develop, and promote its unique “brand.” The company becomes the passion of the owner(s), but transferring that excitement into potential customers is quite another matter.Today a great deal of stock is put into having an engaging website and into search engine optimization […]


Commercial Printing Industry Font Advice When Designing Your Marketing Materials

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Selecting a font may seem as basic as clicking on a drop-down menu, but in reality, professionals in the commercial printing industry may explain there is more to Times New Roman than meets the eye.