A fundraising challenge can teach a valuable lesson to everyone involved. Whether you are a student, parent, or teacher, one thing is for certain: if you want or need something, it takes hard work to get it. One of the many benefits of a school fundraiser is not just the money that is raised to […]

With mesh banners, businesses have the power to display sales information, grand opening announcements, products and more without having to worry about their advertisements blowing away. Unlike lesser quality materials, mesh banners utilize a lightweight, loosely woven mesh to allow air to pass through without sacrificing image quality. Below are five effective ways businesses can […]

Fundraising may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of Electro Image, it can be easier than you think. We leverage our expertise in graphic design and professional printing to help you achieve your goal. Some goals require teamwork to achieve. Read on to discover how we joined forces with Inglemoor High School […]

Electro Image is well equipped to cover your professional printing needs. Quality, professional printing is something Electro Image has no problem delivering, but we are much more than a high quality graphic design and print provider. We can benefit your community or organization by facilitating your next fundraising campaign. If you know you need assistance […]