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Commercial Printing Industry Font Advice When Designing Your Marketing Materials

by Electro Image LLC June 24th, 2014 / Share Comment

Selecting a font may seem as basic as clicking on a drop-down menu, but in reality, professionals in the commercial printing industry may explain there is more to Times New Roman than meets the eye.


Promote Summer Sales with Door Hangers

by Electro Image LLC June 17th, 2014 / Share Comment

After a long, harsh winter, millions of consumers in the U.S. are taking advantage of the warmer weather by visiting local retailers. If you are a small business owner, you understand that warmer weather is the perfect opportunity to reach out to customers in a powerful way – with eye-catching door hangers. Here are some […]

DirectBuy 6” x 9” Postcard on 16 pt. stock, UV coated on front. Included design, print, direct mail handling. First in a series of postcards.

Marketing Your Business with Postcards

by Electro Image LLC June 10th, 2014 / Share Comment

What’s the most economical and influential way to get a response through direct-mail marketing? Postcards. Every business wants to motivate customers to take the next step in the buying process and with the right mailing list of a highly targeted audience, you can use postcards to boost your company’s lead ratio and drive sales through […]

Charter schools benefit from low cost, creative recruitment postcards

Tips for Political Fundraising Direct Mail Copy

by Electro Image LLC June 3rd, 2014 / Share Comment

Whether you’re running a big or small campaign, direct mail fundraising should be a part of your political fundraising mix. With fundraising direct mail you help your campaign to grow a support base of small and medium sized donors. When you raise money through direct mail you create opportunities to get your campaign’s message out […]

Get More Facebook Likes with Your Print Marketing

by Electro Image LLC May 27th, 2014 / Share Comment

These days, most tech-savvy business owners have the Facebook logo and their company’s Facebook page on their business cards, flyers, posters, postcards and other print marketing materials. While building a strong Facebook following is important the sad truth is many business owners miss the boat when it comes to leveraging their print marketing for generating […]


Using Color Branding In Your Graphic Design and Marketing Materials

by Electro Image LLC May 20th, 2014 / Share Comment

Colors greatly impact how customers see your brand.  However, color theory and how it makes us feel is oftentimes hard to pin down to specifics.  Some colors have different cultural associations that warp their meaning.  Every person is unique in how colors affect him or her, but there are some commonalities we can examine to […]

Vinyl Banner

Vinyl Banners Help Identify Your Brand in the Crowded Trade Show Landscape

by Electro Image LLC April 15th, 2014 / Share Comment

Vinyl banners are some of the greatest tools available in getting yourself noticed at trade shows or other events where you have to visually rise above your surrounding competition. Because your competition will likely be using visual flourishes to attract attention, using numerous vinyl banners around your own display area helps bring a reminder of […]


Branding Your Company with Notepads

by Electro Image LLC March 25th, 2014 / Share Comment

Notepads are an often overlooked marketing piece that are functional while adding value for your customers. Whether at your desk, by the phone or in the car, almost everyone needs to jot down notes at one time or another. Nearly as effective as calendars, printing notepads with your brand gets your company’s message in front […]

Direct Mail

Five Tips for a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

by Electro Image LLC March 11th, 2014 / Share Comment

Targeting and Eye-Catching Printed Materials Direct mail continues to be a success story in the marketing world, even as we’re 20 years into the digital era where everything is done online. With studies out already a couple of years ago showing direct mail still gets better response rates than digital, what’s the real secret behind […]


3 tips to Use Custom Graphics in Social Media the Creative Way

by Electro Image LLC February 17th, 2014 / Share Comment

While Electro Image creates social media graphics, these won’t truly be effective if you do not use them properly. Here are 3 tips to use custom graphics in social media the creative way.


Print Marketing Must-Haves for Upcoming Political Campaigns: From Yard Signs to Business Cards

by Electro Image LLC January 17th, 2014 / Share Comment

Print marketing must-haves for upcoming political campaigns can vary considerably, even though being comprehensive certainly doesn’t hurt. When you’re especially a first-timer in politics, you’re going to have to get your name out there as diffusely as possible. Despite the digital age, printed materials are a necessity for a political campaign and range from political […]