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Business Cards: Develop, Design & Print

Business is competitive…

…and your business card is where it all begins.

Often the first contact with your target audience, shoot to the top with quality business card design and print options offered at Electro Image, LLC.

4 key elements for a successful business card include:

  • Font-the style and size depict the industry
  • Material & finish-the feel of the card enriches the experience
  • Content & message-inspire action; create a memory
  • Color-the beginning of your branding journeyStart here for a business card quote

How we work with you to create a memorable image and brand:

Standard features:

  • Multiple card & plastic stock options
  • Coating options for appearance & feel
  • Multiple size & shape options

Custom features:

  • Akuafoil
  • Lenticular—4D image
  • Clear or frosted plastic
  • Raised ink
  • Spot varnish
  • UV High-Gloss varnish
  • Matte/Dull coating
  • Silk Lamination
  • Round corners

Features for everyone:


  • Choose your 4-color cards from an endless palette of colors
  • Create the ideal image with numerous font options best suited for your industry
  • In-house graphic designers ready to design your distinct brand
  • Copy writing—no time for content creation? We have solutions.

Ready to start your branding adventure? Visit our e-commerce site for product options and order information.

To discuss the custom features available or for more details, call Rick.

Need ideas on what to include in your business card? Visit our blog for the possibilities.

Cost-efficient, advanced technology, knowledgeable staff; we’ll provide the products, quality and service that will satisfy you and your audience.


Start here for a business card quote

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We offer business cards in the St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago areas as well as in all fifty states!