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reelInWhen you want to be remembered, start with a logo from Electro Image LLC

Branding. Business Identity. Image. You’ve heard these terms and you know they’re critical to the existence of your business.

Everywhere you go there is a symbol or a logo that identifies a company, product or service. That logo is often the first identifier clients will remember when they think of a needed item. That same logo is the first step to building brand identity.

Are you remembered?

Is your logo locked in the memory of your satisfied customers or your audience? Even if you have a website, it’s your logo’s visual image that begins the journey toward know-like-trust.

If you are just starting out with a business concept or if you are expanding your services, it may be time to give your image a boost. A new or redesigned logo can kick off more than a branding campaign; it can introduce new products, services or a new direction for your business. The graphic design experts at Electro Image LLC have the tools and the talents to construct your image.

How our graphic design team works with you:

First, we’ll start with ideas: are you looking for something traditional or do you want to shake things up a bit? Your audience and goals will determine the starting point.

Next, we’ll bring imagination and enthusiasm to your project: no idea is impossible. We’re not limited by technology or industries. Whatever you do, we’ve got the means and creativity to bring it to life.

Then we’ll create a logo that travels with you—online and off—that will pack a professional punch wherever and however it is used!

  • website
  • social media channels
  • tradeshows and conventions
  • on the road

An effective logo will:

  • complement content
  • enrich the personality or spirit of you and your company
  • create results
  • be memorable but not overpowering
  • be supported through all file formats

While content changes with each marketing piece, your logo is the only aspect of your business that is consistent throughout. Make sure yours can handle the pressure!

Got questions? Are you curious about the possibilities? Consult our graphic design team for ideas, suggestions and guidance or call Rick for more information.

From business cards to banners, your logo will be crisp, clear and amazing with the help of the graphic design specialists at Electro Image LLC.

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