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About Electro Image LLC

About Us

Teamwork makes a business successful and the people at Electro Image LLC recognized their strengths as a team long ago. In order to provide superb products and services for their clients, Electro Image LLC was founded in St. Louis, Missouri in August 1999.

Since then, Electro Image LLC has become the print and design company businesses can rely on. Here you’ll find the specialists you’re searching for all under one roof—and one website: print products for sharing your message, promotional products to stand out in any setting, and fundraising products to support your cause. No more chasing services or shopping for individual parts of the whole. We have the people and the technology plus an eye for trends and the newest products.

How we differ

Our Midwest location ideally serves clients from coast to coast and border to border as if we were next door neighbors. We’re available online and off and you’ll find us everywhere on social media. We’re there to help, listen and learn to make your graphic design, printing, fundraising and promotional experiences the best they can be.

What makes us stand above the competitors?

It’s our team spirit. Each project, each client is a winner. When you come to us with an idea, we’ll take you all the way to home plate. Our graphic designers enjoy the challenge of turning your vision into a reality. Our print production team excels when taking the image, logo, or visual to create the print products that take your message further to make it memorable.

How we do it

Graphic Design

We’ll capture the spirit of your business and create the images you need to carry your brand across the marketing universe.

Print Products

Where ever you go, we’ll take you there with quality print products designed to deliver your message.

Promotional Products

Electro Image has the largest variety of new and popular products to take you from tradeshow floor to table top.

Direct Mail

Increase your touch points by implementing this tried and true method to your marketing plan. Our products and services make it simple and effective.

Fundraising Products

In 2009, we had the opportunity to help schools and charitable groups raise funds for their organization. Since that time, we’ve expanded our product line to better serve this industry. Bring us your merchants and we’ll match you up with the fundraising products to make your fundraiser a success.

We’re here to serve you! Call us, email us, or visit us online to discover how we’ll achieve your graphic design, print marketing and fundraising goals.

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