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print design ideas

What exactly is advertising outside the box? We are constantly being told to think outside the box when it comes to advertising. But what exactly does that look like in real life? Advertising is everywhere. It’s in traditional locations, such as television, radio, and print. It’s on the bus you take to work. It’s behind the […]

The state primary elections are right around the corner, and campaigning will be in full swing this summer, you know what means? A surge in yard signs and other print collateral.  Different states have their primary election at different times, certain states have theirs as early as March, others as late as September. Missouri’s primary […]

Evaluate Your Logo

The first time you see the logo design created by your graphic design team is exciting. It’s interesting to see how vague ideas, general thoughts, and sometimes conflicting input gets pulled together into a representation of your company. Turning the abstract into a concrete design can be an overwhelming and even emotional experience. Now that […]

branding graphic designer role

Whether it’s on purpose or not, your company has a brand. This corporate identity makes them relatable to their customers and helps them to stand out from their competitors. There are many individuals that determine the makeup of a business’s brand, including members of the C-suite and the Human Resources manager; however, one can never […]

hiring graphic design team

  Far too often business owners get hooked on hiring a design team that says nothing to their intended audience. Be flexible and ready to try a logo that isn’t exactly what you envisioned. As long as it attracts the attention of your client base and properly represents your business brand, it will be an […]

company swag

The process of designing and ordering company swag — things like pens, mugs, trade show banners, magnets, etc — can seem lengthy and daunting if you’re unfamiliar with the process. Working with an experienced company like Electro Image LLC can streamline the process. We believe ordering promotional items for your company shouldn’t be difficult. If […]

printing 2018

It’s an exciting time for St. Louis businesses: consumers were busy checking off names on their gift lists the entire month of December. As a business owner, you know that just because the holidays are over, consumers aren’t done buying. They’re still visiting storefronts, comparing products online, and searching for deals that make big-ticket items […]

Business Promotional Guides

Business promotional guides are what you need to make your business stand out from your competitors. It requires a conscious effort on your part. You should schedule time daily aimed at marketing and promote your company. You do this by getting the word out. No matter how great a product or service is, promotion is […]


Doodling can actually improve concentration and help an individual focus on content. In fact, some companies, such as Facebook, Zappos, and HomeAway, are encouraging, even training, employees to doodle, according to the Wall Street Journal. You’re holding a seminar or office meeting. Should you pass out notepads to the attendees so they can doodle while […]

branding definition guide

If you type “What is a brand?” into Google, you will receive about 687,000,000 results in 0.8 seconds. Early farmers were clear about what branding meant; after all, it was how they differentiated their cows from their neighbor’s. But today, we’re a little less certain of the meaning of the word. Below is a guide […]

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