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You might think that in the age of social media, business card printing is quickly becoming a practice that is going by the wayside. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, business insiders with their fingers firmly on the pulse of advertising returns on investments urge professionals to pay special attention to these cards. The prestigious Entrepreneur has gone on record declaring business cards “an important part of your collateral package.” The right graphic design & printing specialist can help you capitalize on this aspect of your professional image.

1. Impeccable business cards connect a person to the brand

When you make a business contact, you become synonymous with the product you are selling or service you are providing. For example, if you are in the business of providing paralegal services, your professional demeanor, flawless understanding of the business and approachability will set the tone for the audience’s impression of the business. Reinforce this impression even in your absence by handing out a full-color custom card that reminds those you encountered of the feelings they associated with your presentation.

2. A lot of information fits on a small card

Whether you prefer classic linen or plastic substrates for your cards, the 3.5” by 2” size is sufficient to add your logo, pertinent contact information and social media connection details. 4” by 3.5” fold-over cards and 2.5” by 2.5” Social Media cards are other attractive size options that get the message across. Give the recipient every opportunity to remember you, recall a positive interaction and then continue the conversation online or offline.

3. Design experts create professional cards

Your business card leaves the recipient with a memorable impression. Work with an expert who knows how to space the information so the card does not look cluttered. Rely on the design professional’s advice when it comes to choosing colors to compliment your company logo, using a frosted plastic material or going for the full-color look with a double-sided layout. Discuss the advantages of foil or silk-laminated finishes that add inimitable character. There is more to the design of a well-received card than meets the eye.

A lot is riding on your choice of a business card printing professional. Electro Image LLC has the experience needed to help you create your very first business card from an idea sketched out on a napkin, revamp an outdated design or breathe new life into an otherwise interesting layout. A graphic design firm in addition to a print communication company, our experts sees your card project through from concept to completion of the final product. Contact us today to discuss your business’ networking products.

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