While Electro Image creates social media graphics, these won’t truly be effective if you do not use them properly. Here are 3 tips to use custom graphics in social media the creative way.

Spice up your Facebook cover photo

facebook-twitter-linkedin-pinterestYour cover photo is undoubtedly the first, large image that visitors will see whenever they check your profile. A memorable impression is crucial. To start, use your cover photo section to advertise a new product or service. Don’t just put in a sample picture of the products your business sells or services you provide – be creative and treat it as a billboard. An interesting way is to position the image so a portion is obscured. Visitors will then be enticed to click and learn more information.

If diving into the pool of hash tags, Facebook cover photo’s can actually become a handy tool. Be sure to place the hash tag subtly so it doesn’t feel like its forcing the visitor to view it. Be a bit more discreet and position it where they can still see it, but won’t distract from the entirety of your cover image.

Get them on Twitter

Twitter is now allowing images to be displayed directly on tweets, instead previously where you need to use a link. This opens up the door to better marketing abilities. The effectiveness will depend on how you actually use this feature.

While it is easy to simply say you can share any image you want, it would be better for you to be more considering of the photos and graphics you post. For one, you don’t want to put in an image that contains too many details, as it will be obscured in preview. Pick instead one with few, vivid details, that can be easily viewed in the previews. People will be able to see what it is at a quick glance, thus helping to get more shares.
Having the ability to share photos privately is great for doing special promos and contests. This is handy when creating a closely-knit group of followers who can help spread your images.

Going beyond

Your marketing efforts won’t end with social media, and your use of great graphics shouldn’t either. Create social business cards and eye-grabbing brochures to distribute, making sure to incorporate your social media account icons. Actually be social and pass them around yourself. Such a move will help you interact with potential customers in person, which can help increase their awareness of your business. Using social media and traditional print marketing together can round out a perfect marketing strategy.

3 Tips to Use Custom Graphics in Social Media the Creative Way
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