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The healthcare industry in St. Louis is an increasingly lucrative market, with new medical practices being established across a variety of sectors, including family medicine, the dental arts, and plastic surgery. Whether you’ve recently joined the industry or you’ve been practicing in the St. Louis area for a long time, you’re probably looking for the most compelling ways to promote your business.

Your practice has plenty of competition just within the local area alone. Finding quality graphic design and printing in St. Louis can boost your health-care advertising initiative, in an industry that is in need of fresh marketing ideas. Take advantage of the best technology to create exciting print products for unique and refreshing advertising.

There’s no question that we live in a visual world, and those in the health-care industry are not exempt. In order to remain competitive, you must showcase your businesses with relevant and vivid printed advertisements and promotional materials. Here are the four must-have items that should be on your print-advertising checklist:

A Branded And Recognizable Logo

Designing a logo that conveys your values, a unique message, and your recognizable brand is an imperative part of carving out your place in the market. Your logo is the opportunity to distinguish yourself from your competitors, so focus on notoriety, vibrancy, and a personal message. Use the logo for both digital and print initiatives, including:

  • On your website
  • For social media promotion
  • At industry trade shows
  • On business cards and other print marketing material

Once your logo identity is created, you’ll have a digital file that’s easily printable in numerous sizes or shapes for both online and offline advertising.

Thanks to modern printing technology, creating materials with your logo identity with customized features is very easy now. Find a way to convey a story or promote particular feelings through your logo. Simple images with clear designs work best.

Brochures That Detail Your Services

Brochures have been a leading, popular product for a reason: they provide important information in a compact and entertaining format. Brochures now are available with multiple size and fold options so you can pack more information to inform the reader.

Whether you provide health imaging, dental services, or you specialize in a niche medical field, brochures are a convenient way to explain your services, expertise, and detail your patients’ options. canstockphoto4782255Because brochures have ample room for text, graphics and images, you should consider including:

  • The history of your health-care facility and how your practice came to be.
  • Attractive images of the exteriors and interiors of your facility.
  • Your mission statement.
  • What makes you stand apart from others in your field?
  • A list of available services.
  • Before-and-after photos, when applicable.
  • Staff bios.

Color and clear details will play big parts in how effective your brochure images are. With professional commercial and digital printing techniques, brighter colors and better image definition will create a positive and striking impression on potential patients.

Choose paper stock that has a good weight and feel, and inquire on all of the coating and finishing options available. Both of these elements will add to the appeal and professionalism of your brochures. A health-care brochure is an opportunity to convey potentially dry medical information in a visually entertaining and tactile way, so take advantage of all the options available to you from the creative team you work with to create this important marketing piece.

Unique Business Cards

As your marketing and networking reach increases in the St. Louis health-care industry, use business cards to promote your practice and generate interest from prospective patients. Along with your company logo, business title and important contact information, you have enough room to indicate other specializations on both sides of the card. The same commercial printing capabilities will assure you receive the same quality on business cards as any print marketing items.

Using custom features like high-gloss UV coatings, silk lamination, or Akuafoil, you have ways to make logos or text content stand out on the card. This is important, for instance, in highlighting a specific title or corporate identity.

One tip to maximize value in the card is to use the back of the card to detail some commonly asked questions. Think of it as a micro version of your brochure. Hand out business cards at health industry events or to happy patients. You’ll answer questions, building a foundation of trust, and promote local name recognition.

Table Talkers For Your Waiting Room

A popular place for direct marketing is the waiting room. For years, you’ve probably seen table talkers in other health-care waiting rooms. However, today’s table talkers look very different from the ones of the past. Now, they can be customized and printed in branded shapes and sizes, on thick 30-mil composite plastic.

With your ability to create unique shapes, you create an interesting item that makes your waiting room more appealing. A table talker can also create a calming environment to patients who may have anxiety as they wait for a medical procedure. By listing positive aspects about your health care business on the talker, you again develop patient trust.

Designed with 30-mil plastic material for extra durability, you’ll be able to invite patients to pick up your table talker as if reading a magazine. Along with plenty of surface space, you can offer almost as much information as the brochure process we touched on above.

A unique logo, informative brochures, business cards, and table talkers, are must-haves for health-care advertising in St. Louis. The power of the printed image should never be underestimated in how it effective it is at building trust, creating name recognition, and communicating the message of today’s health care providers.

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