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printing 2018

It’s an exciting time for St. Louis businesses: consumers were busy checking off names on their gift lists the entire month of December. As a business owner, you know that just because the holidays are over, consumers aren’t done buying. They’re still visiting storefronts, comparing products online, and searching for deals that make big-ticket items […]

Business Promotional Guides

Business promotional guides are what you need to make your business stand out from your competitors. It requires a conscious effort on your part. You should schedule time daily aimed at marketing and promote your company. You do this by getting the word out. No matter how great a product or service is, promotion is […]


Doodling can actually improve concentration and help an individual focus on content. In fact, some companies, such as Facebook, Zappos, and HomeAway, are encouraging, even training, employees to doodle, according to the Wall Street Journal. You’re holding a seminar or office meeting. Should you pass out notepads to the attendees so they can doodle while […]

branding definition guide

If you type “What is a brand?” into Google, you will receive about 687,000,000 results in 0.8 seconds. Early farmers were clear about what branding meant; after all, it was how they differentiated their cows from their neighbor’s. But today, we’re a little less certain of the meaning of the word. Below is a guide […]


Stickers are bright, fun, and sometimes silly, but they can be a beneficial to your business if used as a proper marketing tool. While you may think they are only for children, they are actually quite popular among most consumer age groups. Stickers are an excellent way to expand your market reach in a fun […]

postcard marketing

Every home across America receives advertisements in the mail. Some of them are in the form of flyers, others in envelopes, and even more are on postcards. The majority of flyers get tossed aside to maybe look through for coupons later. Maybe. The envelopes are usually solid-colored with large letters claiming “Urgent” or “Last Chance” […]

logo design

Logo designing for your company requires a lot of thought and a variety of different factors, such as color, typeface, font, image, and overall design or meaning. While it’s possible to get a crowdsourced logo for five dollars, you should remember that you get what you pay for. Below are some tips to discuss with […]

business writing tips

Business writing is an essential skill today. Whether you are part of a large corporation or the only employee of a brand-new startup, you need to be able to write. Whether you are communicating with others via email, preparing a presentation, designing promotional materials, or composing a grant proposal, you should have some knowledge about […]

business card

In today’s business world, one ancient invention is still priceless for networking purposes. The business card is simply a piece of paper, but without it – or if used incorrectly – you could miss out on connections and quickly fall behind your competitors. Here are four tips to make sure that your business card is […]

business card mistakes

Your business card should represent you and your brand. Whether you are associated with a business, a nonprofit organization, a team, a group, or are simply representing yourself, your business card should leave people with a depiction of who you are and what you embody. Don’t hand people a piece of paper that doesn’t symbolize […]

loyalty card

Successful organizations understand that it is essential not only to capture new customers but retain current ones. One effective method of retaining clients is through a customer loyalty card system. While each program varies from company to company, the principle remains the same. A good loyalty program rewards the individual for purchases made, thereby increasing […]

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