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Adhesive Vinyl Graphics Marketing Benefits

One effective, and often underused, marketing technique is the use of adhesive vinyl graphics. Properly marketing your business comes in many forms, but is the key to successfully attracting new clientele.

Window Displays

Front store window advertising is not a new concept. It all began in the Industrial Era with the widespread availability of plate glass. Shop owners began to build large display windows that stretched the full length of their shops and “window shopping” was conceived.

Ever since the late 1800s, store owners have been making window displays and putting signs in their windows to attract customers. Sometimes business owners hired artists to paint messages on their front glass so that they could have a message that popped rather than a piece of paper with handwriting. However, today owners don’t hire artists. They use adhesive vinyl graphics displays.

Technological Changes to Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

Vibrant and unique, adhesive vinyl advertisements are the technology age’s answer to the display window flyer. Even though the medium has changed, the idea of putting advertising messages on windows has not. Even with all of the new digital advertising methods, such as social media marketing and email advertising campaigns, window advertising continues to be a constant.

They’ve moved from the window to the wall to the bus to the mall. These colorful graphics are in the club and at the coffee bar; they’re in the fast food restaurant and the fine dining establishment.

No matter where you look, you can find advertising messages portraying products, services, or events. When vinyl graphics were first created, they may have been expensive and cost-prohibitive; however, advances in adhesives and modern digital printing machines have made the price drop and the product improve in both appeal and longevity.

The amazing thing about adhesive vinyl graphics is that you are no longer “boxed” into accepting a square or rectangle design. Messages can be any color and can be die-cut into any shape imaginable. They can be small enough to stick on a coffee cup or large enough to cover an entire store window. The graphics are laminated and protected against scrapes, scratches, and fading from the sun.

Benefits of Adhesive Vinyl Graphics

Grab the attention of former and prospective customers with full-color, customized vinyl signs, and stickers. The numerous benefits of using this advertising method include the lack of technology required, that they are original and versatile and that they are low cost.

No Technology Required

Many of today’s marketing techniques for businesses are high-tech, requiring a genuine in-depth knowledge of technology in order to successfully launch and maintain the campaign. Whether it’s advertising online, creating a mobile app, developing a website, or another modern-day advertisement, you need to have an extensive knowledge not only to produce the content but also to monitor and analyze it.

However, adhesive vinyl graphics is a low-tech tool that generates interest and allows your company to stand out from competitors. Visually-appealing, these stickers, and signs can attract the notice of passers-by, providing information about your store and even encourage walk-ins. They also are effective when used for special events, sales, and offers that your store holds throughout the year.


Your business is unlike any other. You have worked diligently to set yourself apart from your competitors. Vinyl signs are simply another way of showing your originality. Regardless of what your industry is or what type of business you have, you can have adhesive vinyl graphics made to fit your needs.

Choose specific colors and design that captures the spirit of your brand, and it can be made into a vinyl sticker. Due to the nature of the product, high-level of customization is available. The adhesive will last for quite some time, enabling you to use it and reuse it. Additionally, changes can be made to suit the changing needs of your organization, such as in the case of rebranding.


Adhesive vinyl graphics can be placed on a variety of surfaces and are a versatile marketing technique. Place them around your place of business or, with permission, in other public locations on windows, walls, or doors. They can be created in virtually endless sizes to fit the space you are filling or the idea you have.


Many of the advertising options available for businesses today require a large advertising budget. This is especially true for an expanding business as it enters new territories and begins to offer new products or services. However, adhesive vinyl graphics are a less expensive option which can produce results as great as other alternatives.

Additionally, the money you save on advertising can be allotted for other uses within the organization or additional advertising methods in addition to the adhesive vinyl graphics.

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