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Using Your Creativity to Be Tangible

The advantages of print marketing in a social climate is much more significant than you think in a time when going digital is becoming oversaturated. In many ways, print marketing could become the new secret weapon for businesses when the outlets for print are more extensive than you might remember.

Use Print Ads as a Forgotten Aesthetic

Imagine the reaction you’d get if you used a creative print ad today. You’d likely gain more attention with the print ad in an overcrowded digital world if the print ad is targeted to the audience you wish to connect with correctly. Take advantage of the fact that print media is underutilized now and make your print ads truly stand out with creative artwork. People will respond to print ads positively because the digital world turns chaotic in marketing noise. One example is direct mail advertisements.  A postcard is touched and viewed by almost all of its intended recipients’ whereas an e-newsletter a large percentage of the time is deleted before it is opened OR ends up in a spam filter and trashed.

Niche Advertising

Placing printed ads in trade magazines that hone in on the type of customers you want can still be extremely beneficial. It can be challenging to find niche groups on social media, even in the age of hashtags. But trade magazines are still read by countless people, and the chances of your ad being seen by those readers are a very high percentage. Ultimately, creating a print ad that stands out from other print ads will be a challenge.  Hiring the right graphic designer is crucial.

Longer Visibility

Printed brochures and posters are passed around or placed on outdoor locations where they can be viewed for a long period of time. Overall, the length of time your printed ads are seen can be more than the length of time an Internet ad is available. Online ads are seen for a limited time before they disappear.

Print Marketing for More Personal Connections

Sending customers print ads via direct mail can also create a more personalized feel to interaction with customers. Something that’s unique and appealing to the eye will attract prospective customers, especially when it stands out within all the probable unwanted mail that person now receives. Consumers enjoy the personal connection a tangible print ad provides. A business can also benefit by direct mailing a personalized printed marketing piece to loyal customers, such as a birthday greeting or gift certificates.

Printed Ads Create a Perfect Balance to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is very important to any business. However, having print marketing included as part of your marketing plan can give you an added edge in disseminating information. Many businesses focus strictly on the online world with the thought it’s the only arena that matters. Now you know that print marketing is becoming an equal with digital based on how people respond to a tangible ad that took extra effort.

Consider Electro Image LLC for your print marketing needs as you grow your business. We’re located in St. Louis, Missouri and have longstanding experience in accommodating every conceivable printing or graphics project at affordable prices.

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