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See through vinyl clings are a favorite and affordable method of advertising for a storefront location or on vehicles. It’s a see-thru printed piece with an adhesive texture that makes it easy to apply to windows within a store or even a vehicle.

Electro_See_Through_Vinyl_02When you have an advertising piece that’s easy to move around, you already know the convenience it’s going to bring. An added bonus, you can save on your advertising budget going this way vs. having to do more extensive advertising campaign, including on your business vehicles.

Print marketing has continued to evolve into a very affordable and tangible way to advertise. Below are a few examples how you can be using see-through vinyl as a creative marketing tool.

Using Window Clings on Store Windows

What you’re going to especially love about window cling advertising is their obvious transparency, allowing people to see in your windows so nothing will be obscured. At the same time, you have photo quality imagery on each cling so they come to vivid life when visible from afar or up close.

See-through clings are ideal for storefront windows.  Visible the moment someone pulls in, and they look impressive when viewed up close. They have an excellent photo quality and they’re printed on a glossy material that’s useable inside and out. Keep in mind these only cling to glass, or smooth, glass-like surfaces.

Electro_See_Through_VinylOften mostly used indoors, they can be used outdoors if you have a glass surfaces to display on the exterior. Application and removal is a snap saving you time when the time is right to use the cling or take it down.

Use of See Through Vinyl on Vehicles

Vehicle wraps on company trucks and cars are popular and widely viewed while out on the open road. These can be quite expensive and they’re sometimes permanent and require extra time to apply. With a window cling, you could place a photo quality advertisement right on your company vehicle windows for a similar, affordable effect. A rolling billboard while your vehicles travel the roadways giving exposure to your brand.

With sizes available from 12″ x 12″ to 10 ft. x 4 ft., we can accommodate various dimensions of the window surface you need to advertise on.

Contact us in the New Year and we can help you design the perfect see-through vinyl cling. Using these affordable advertising pieces will get your business noticed in a unique way.

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