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Before getting into a discussion of the industries that can benefit from lenticular business cards, let’s make sure that we are on the same page. Lenticular business cards are guaranteed attention grabbers. Unlike standard cards, the lenticular versions will be saved, taken out of the purse or wallet and frequently shown around to let others get a peek at the extraordinary effects.

We produce 4D lenticular business cards that let you add up to three images. The back-side of the card is printed as standard, flat CMYK or available blank. The recipient is able to write down a note or phone number. So, who can benefit from these amazing business cards?

Dog Groomers, Orthodontists and Car Dealers

Whether you are a dog groomer, orthodontist or car dealer, before-and-after pictures are worth a thousand words. The groomer shows off the dog before and after a good grooming session. The orthodontist displays the amazing effect that the fitting of a set of braces – perhaps with a teeth-whitening session – can have. Car dealers benefit from showing off a customer with an old trade-in and then with a brand-new vehicle. The possibilities are endless. Create the perception of a gradual change, which drives home the point you are making.

LenticularCoaches, Athletes and Sports Clubs

Are you the resident golf pro at the city golf course? Let golfers know that you give lessons to adults and children with a business card that looks a bit like an animation. Show off your Hogan Drill technique through the clever interlacing of the pictures. The motion looks realistic and is sure to capture the attention of possible students.

Realtors and Rental Agents

Whether you market a high-end property or specialize in the leasing of a particular apartment complex or luxury high-rise, consider the zoom effect that is possible to achieve with lenticular cards. Get the word out about your properties. The visual effect of the business cards is so amazing that recipients are sure to keep holding on to it, which is great for those members of your target audience who are not ready to make a buying decision today but might be ready in a month.


If you are in the business of selling anything from cars to cabbage, you cannot go wrong with these high-tech business cards. Available with two and three flips, you showcase multiple products or display your high-end products from two to three different angles. Advertise your farmer’s market stand, car dealership, pet store or dry-cleaning business.

Come to think of it, there really are no industries in the business community that could not benefit from lenticular business cards. When you are ready to join your industry’s thought leaders who are using cutting edge advertising technology, contact us to get started. We specialize in the creation of 4D cards that are guaranteed to wow your target audience.

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