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Today’s consumers like to be informed. They want to know what it is about your business, product, or service that sets you apart from your competitors. Aside from a comprehensive website, you need printed marketing products that can provide the crucial information that compels people to buy from you. One of the most effective options available is the brochure.

A brochure is a timeless way to share news and information about your business and attract new customers. Business owners, across every industry, have relied on brochures for years because they know they work.

Brochures can be used to:

  • Explain your mission
  • Provide background about your business
  • Introduce your products and services
  • Offer special discounts and promotions
  • Provide more in-depth information to potential customers

A custom brochure will set you apart from the competition by artfully showcasing your company. When considering where to have your printed materials produced, be sure to choose a printing supplier that will take your brochure to the next level. Keep in mind these key factors as you choose a printer that is right for you.

Fold Options That Won’t Limit Your Message

Traditional brochures have often featured a bi-fold or tri-fold style, but with expanded fold options, you are no longer limited to simpler (and shorter) formats.

Multi-fold brochures give you as much space as you need to showcase pictures and important details about your business. You can turn your brochure into a mini book that tells the story of your company, or you can fill the pages with specifics about your various products and services.

If you prefer a simple, minimalist approach, a stunning no-fold or bi-fold brochure can be used as a teaser for your services or as individual spec sheets.

Be sure that the printer you work with can accommodate the brochure size you need.

Paper Stock and Coatings That Reflect Your Brand

Brochures are tangible, as well as visual, marketing products. How a brochure feels to someone can evoke emotion and interest, just like the imagery you use. The right supplier will work with you to achieve various “feelings” with their different paper stock options and coatings.

Coating options can range from high gloss to matte and can serve to enhance your branding imagination. The coating you choose can create a unique texture that gives off a subtle essence of your business. Maybe you want a more natural coating to represent a company related to the environment or organic products. Or, perhaps you want a glossy finish to reflect the classy and refined nature of your high-end jewelry business.

canstockphoto0912341You should be able to choose from different textures and levels of thickness and durability in the paper stock that you use for your brochures. Depending on how you will be distributing your brochures, how sturdy you want them to be, and how you want them to feel in-hand, you should be able to select a paper stock that satisfies your needs.

Professional Design Expertise

Whether you’re going for a clean, modern design or you’re looking to spice up your promotional material, look for a supplier that offers creative designers who can help bring your vision to life.

You know you want your brochure to convey the message and style of your brand, but you may not know how to achieve this visually. A designer can take your ideas, and their creative juices, to provide suggestions that will make your brochure the powerful marketing tool it should be.

Elements of an effective brochure include:

  • Compelling copy
  • Stunning pictures and graphics
  • Details about specials or promotions
  • Contact and location information
  • Call to action

Incorporating all of these elements, a graphic designer can recommend creative and unique ways to organize your brochure and engage your audience.

Factors to Consider When Compiling Your Brochure

Once selecting a supplier that can offer what you need, start thinking about the content and design of your brochure. This will expedite the creative and printing process and get your brochures in customers’ hands more quickly.

Consider these factors when crafting your brochure content:

  • Where You Plan To Distribute: Decide where you plan to distribute these brochures, in order to maximize their success. If you plan to use them in a direct mail campaign, use colors and images on the cover that will grab a reader’s attention. If you will be distributing them at networking events, conferences, or trade shows, be sure they are memorable and provide adequate information.
  • Who You Are Targeting: If your business markets to different types of customers, you may need different brochures that target each of those segments. Language used to communicate with one audience segment may not be appropriate or effective to use with another. Decide which audience you plan to target with your brochure and tailor your content accordingly.
  • What Will Be The Theme: Your business may provide a wide range of products or services, each worthy of its own brochure. Avoid overwhelming your reader with too much information by breaking your brochures down into smaller themes. 

Today’s brochures can take on many shapes and sizes, be used in many different ways, and tell a unique story with their pictures and words. With so many options for the customization of a brochure, you owe it to yourself to use a quality printing company. As your business competition increases, an effective, professional brochure can attract new customers and take your business to the next level.

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