Brochure Marketing Ideas: The Center(fold) of Attention - Part 2
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In part I of Brochure Marketing: The Center(fold) of Attention, we discussed the building blocks of a brochure. Fold options, content, playfulness and imagination are the early stages of brochure design and implementation. Now that you’ve got the framework established, how do we get your readers to look deeper, keep or share the information, and take action?

Attraction to Action

Grab attention with a headline. Pictures, images and graphics catch the eye, but an intriguing headline will pull them in. Ask a question. Make a statement. Pinpoint a problem. Make them laugh. Make them think. Relating to your readers’ needs and emotions will entice them to pick up your brochure and read further.

Connect with your audience by letting them know you are human too. The know-like-trust mantra follows us everywhere we go and to relate to your target market, they need to know they share similarities with you. Be approachable. Be recognizable. Photos, social media and contact information enhance this feature.

Your brochure must inform your readers so jettison the jargon! Limit office jargon or techie language to the office. Instead of saying, ‘if the structure integrity of your conveyance has been compromised’, say, ‘if your car is dented…’ then offer your solutions. Your business is to solve problems, not to send readers scrambling for an interpreter. Speak the language your audience will understand.

How can you tempt your reader? We all like special offers and once again, the brochure is the perfect tool for delivering something distinctive. Sometimes that could be a perforated coupon, a special 2-for-1 discount ticket, a packet of seeds stapled to the brochure, or even a perfume sample enclosed within a fold. As mentioned in Part 1 of this series, imagination and a little playfulness can be one of the ways to excite your readers. What ideas can you come up with?

Now that someone has picked up your brochure, what action should they take? Give them ideas on what to do next. Should they join your e-newsletter? Should they call for a free evaluation? Do you want them to join your facebook page? Is there a seminar next week they should sign up for—and bring a friend? You’ve invited and enticed them, now this is their time to act. Give them something to do and provide all the information they need to take action. As always, include all forms of contact information!

Brochures are a fun and adaptable way to share so much about you, your business, your product or service. If you haven’t given brochure marketing a try, now’s the time to do so! Visit our brochure page for ideas or to get more information.

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