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Before LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter, business cards were the original social network.  Now that social media is extremely popular, there are ways to bring the two together.  Using the right techniques, it can be the link between the company’s physical and online worlds.  Here are some business card uses to fast forward into the digital age.

Add Social Media Websites

List all social networking sites that relate to the business.  Company website, email address, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other websites of interest should be listed.  An easier way is to link it to one website so they can choose for themselves.  Feel free to eliminate http:// or “www.” when adding social media websites; the way it is written will be understood as a website.  Websites for personal use should be left out…unless you want someone to find out something that will ruin your reputation.

qrcode.9826341Add QR Codes

Smartphone’s love QR codes, so add a QR code on the business card.  Big or small, one scan links your business card to a website of interest.  If adding a QR code is an option make sure it leads to a mobile version of the website.  A QR code is pointless without it.


Let a business card provide more than just a card of information.  Turn it into something useful.  Turn a business card into a bookmark, sticker, event/free pass ticket, lottery ticket for a drawing and more.  Business cards can also mention product launches, upcoming events, resumes and sales promotions.  Add trivia, a testimonial, an area to take notes, or a charity cause to the business card to spark conversation.

Add Visuals

Business cards are about substance and always have been.  However, photos of the company, pictures of you, and pix of your creations are a few of many examples why a plain company name, address and phone number won’t do.  Give something more on a business card than contact info and blank space.  Be sure to use both sides of the card as this is the trend now.  One can feature a photo or company logo while the other one has contact information.

Business cards are as important an ever to share contact information, but for it to be effective today it cannot use the same techniques.  Companies have to be creative, conversational and into social media to truly get the most out of a business card.  Besides, business cards give the recipient something to touch and hold (other than their phone) and a way to remember you (without memorizing details).  Let the business card brand your business online and off.

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