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Have you ever had someone you met at a networking meeting contact you a year—or more—later? It happens. A lot.

plastic-business-cardsWithout a business card, those opportunities wouldn’t exist. The potential client is lost. As the starting point for most business relationships, you’ll want to have an attention-grabbing card at the ready. For existing relationships, increase your touch points by following up with direct mail and include a few of your cards with your personal note.

Start your professional relationships with a plastic business card. They’re durable. They’re memorable. They’ll give the impression that your business is here to stay. For businesses that have several contact methods, a tagline, and social media links, you may wish to choose the opaque white plastic card with printing on both sides. If you want a unique touch, then frosted or clear stock gives your logo and contact info more zing.  Consider adding a foil effect for a shiny look with a hint of personality.

Relationships start and grow throughout the year. Start yours off with the tiny, but mighty business card.

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