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Anyone who has ventured into entrepreneurship knows that building a business must find, develop, and promote its unique “brand.” The company becomes the passion of the owner(s), but transferring that excitement into potential customers is quite another matter.branding2Today a great deal of stock is put into having an engaging website and into search engine optimization efforts, and business owners will spend a great deal of money on expertise in the development of an outstanding web presence. And this certainly is an important part of business recognition and ultimate growth. One should never forget, however, that the tested and true printed products – business cards, stationery, brochures and catalogs, print advertisement and direct mail – are often the first introduction to potential customers looking for a specific product or service.

Most business owners are not artistically creative, and they make the mistake of trying to self create their printed promotional materials. In a hurry to get material, they may use one of the “canned” online printing venues. They can select among several pre-developed pieces of art and design a cursory logo in selected colors – one that will be similar to many others and that will not, certainly, be unique. Nothing is stunning or memorable about the products one orders from such a company.

While there are initial costs for professional design, the long-term goal or a professional and recognizable brand are achieved by employing the services of a professional graphic design/printing company will ensure that business owners have the following benefits:

A professional graphic artist whose creativity and experience will be brought to bear. Having a professionally trained graphic artist with whom one may personally consult is invaluable, as many options can be presented for consideration.

Using a professional printing company allows decision-makers to express their priorities and needs. Helping with paper stock choices, finishing options such as a UV varnish or matte/dull coating and scheduling priorities of a specific project so the materials are exactly what has been determined and produced on-time.

Using a professional print marketing firm allows for good communication at all times. The consumer is not left hoping that the ordered product will meet with his/her satisfaction – the copy content will be of the right font and size, and that the printing itself will be output professionally. Further more, artwork for all printed products will be on file, so future re-orders will be fully streamlined.

In an ever-increasing impersonal business and marketing environment, there are some things that simply continue to need personal and professional attention. One of these is the design and printing of critical marketing materials that are often a potential customer’s first impression of the business. This is not an area in which you will want to cut costs by using “canned” and impersonal online services for your professional marketing representation. A trusted and reputable graphic design and printing company, such as Electro Image LLC, will have all of the creative, and personal attention you need to create and print materials for your product(s) and/or services.

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