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Designing a gripping, recognizable brand that resonates is a multi-faceted, perhaps daunting task. With so many decisions to make, one of the most important details may go overlooked: choosing the right font for your brand identity. While it may seem mundane, compelling typography is the foundation for any successful design theme. Look at Coca-Cola, a brand that made a simple, sweeping script synonymous with carbonated sugar water.

Font-TypesThe text’s appearance is almost as important as the content of the words. If the shape and style of those words can’t pique a reader’s interest in seconds, they may never be read. Likewise, poor font decisions can result in illegibility or a clunky, unprofessional public face. Take control of your company’s voice, and consider these tips when choosing a typeface for your growing brand.

1. Keep it simple, and maintain visual continuity

Pinpoint no more than three fonts to use: a display font for titles, a paragraph font for large blocks of text, and if your display font is particularly ornate, an alternate header font. Most importantly, the three fonts must gel visually; a common thread is needed to ensure that your promotional materials don’t resemble the side of an ice cream truck: disjointed, crowded, and lacking continuity.

For example, if your company’s display font is an elegant script, it would be appropriate to pair it with a classic serif font like Baskerville. Side by side, the two fonts aren’t similar in form, but they’re complementary in style. A sans-serif could also be appropriate, so long as the font is time-tested, sleek, and furthers the visual statement made by the more dominant display font.

2. When choosing a display font, consider your potential customers, and gear all your ideas toward pleasing them

If the demographic you’re courting is young, edgy or experimental fonts could be the answer. Likewise, a business crowd may respond more positively to conservative typefaces. The bottom line: Choose fonts that will entice new customers over fonts that merely please you. Think of your product, imagine the type of person most likely to buy it, and choose fonts accordingly.

3. Custom typefaces are excellent for logos, and give your company a unique voice

You may want to hire a typographer to design a set of fonts just for your brand, ensuring the design continuity mentioned above as well as a truly original identity. Over time, customers will associate your company with its unique font, turning the typeface into a recognizable, trusted voice for your brand.

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