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Acquiring new customers is always an important part of the marketing process in business, but finding ways to keep existing consumers is just as vital. While the latter are perhaps loyal, companies should always be looking for better ways to communicate with customers at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

The best way forward is through finding new marketing tools that serve to maintain customer interest in a brand. By using quality printing in St. Louis, companies can enhance communication with current (and potential) customers.

Start by upgrading standard promotional products so that they work in service of your marketing initiatives. Here are the best ways to reinvent your business’ printed products and update them with better design ideas to keep customers coming back:

Promotional Letterhead And Stationery

Custom letterhead and stationery are best for targeting longtime customers, as they add a personal touch, strengthening the customer relationship. Incorporating letterhead and stationery into your marketing strategy can be incredibly effective when you use smart design. Business-letterhead design considerations include:

  1. Proper alignment and appropriate margin size are details that are often taken for granted in design. Take the time to make sure that your business information is balanced with clean lines. It’s what will make the difference between professional and engaging letterhead and unprofessional correspondence.
  2. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, partner with a professional printer who understands your goals and has experience with the specific needs of business printing and design.
  3. Depending on whom you’re targeting, decide on what’s essential for your letterhead. The old adage is true: less is more. The less cluttered your letterhead is, the better you’ll be able to guarantee that customers are reading the information that you want them to.

Don’t forget about graphics. Use your company letterhead to underscore your corporate identity through the use of custom graphics. If you’re thinking of a rebrand, you’ll want to take particular advantage of the opportunity that letterhead provides to solidify your new brand with your customer base.

Postcards As Brand Reminders

The postcard can be just as effective as letterhead for communication with already established customers. In fact, in recent years, the postcard has become a top marketing tool with a proven track record for high response rates. The key to that success is to reinvent how the postcard is used.

To cut through all the other marketing noise and catch customers’ attention, take advantage of the ability to use various sizes and full color graphic design. Branding opportunities are considerable, particularly when applying other effects on the surface:

  • High-gloss lamination can create a unique shine to any kind of imagery.
  • Embedded pearl fibers provide a shimmering effect that stands out in any location.
  • Akuafoil finishes sparkle and grab the reader’s attention.

These products aren’t limited for use in the mail. Giving visually attractive postcards to visitors in a store or during a live event, will serve to remind customers about your brand. Whether you’re using an image of a favorite product, or introducing a new line, postcards, when printed with visually appealing features, can keep your customers’ attention.

Door Hangers For Indoor And Outdoor Marketing

If it’s been at least a year or more since your business has targeted specific neighborhoods, creating a custom door hanger can bring positive results.

canstockphoto7976617These are another standard product that are easily rejuvenated using custom sizes and professional graphic design. After doing prior marketing campaigns by mail, a hanger is sometimes more appropriate for immediate reach.

What makes these particularly valuable is that they can be used both inside businesses as well as on residential doors. While materials are more durable than ever for outdoor use, the hospitality industry can benefit with in-house placement.

Door hangers can be effective in any industry with outside-the-box marketing. As a gift to existing customers, they could turn into a parking pass, or a coupon to use for product discounts. Hanging them in strategic interior spots in a business also helps lead buyers to highlighted sections during sales.

Plastic Mailers With Familiar Branding Images

In the world of branding, familiarity is everything, so rekindling memories old customers had is a smart approach. Any business that’s been around for years here in St. Louis (with loyal customers for just as long) can benefit using a plastic mailer.

On this product, a business owner basically has a larger postcard with ample space to place a familiar image. More durable materials are available to make sure there isn’t damage to the piece when sent out. However, don’t discount an option to hand out plastic mailers directly in a store or during an event. It’s a way to nurture more personal promotion.

Images on mailers once again look bright and detailed. It’s worth looking back at your most successful branding imagery and see what could work here. Perhaps an old picture from a certain era, or a product comparison pic from the past to present can appeal to longtime buyers.

As a form of thanks for years of perpetual loyalty, it shows effort acknowledging customers haven’t been forgotten.

Specialized Loyalty Cards

Sending loyalty cards is another way to show support for VIP customers. With so many printing options here as well, these can turn into small standouts. PVC and composite plastic materials keep the cards durable when used again and again. Plus, features like one-time break-off tabs can make these exclusive and fun to use.

QR codes and barcodes add extra interactive touches to inspire old customers. It’s a chance to provide renewed excitement about a brand and prove why it’s nowhere near going out of style.

With notepads, postcards, door hangers, plastic mailers, and loyalty cards, St. Louis businesses have a complete package of promotional tools for new marketing efforts. Customers will appreciate the effort in a time when it’s more important than ever to differentiate from myriad competitors.

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