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Dry erase wall graphics are a great convenience for today’s office design. The premise is simple: large, vinyl decals that adhere to any wall without glue, tape, or nails transform the surface into a fully usable dry erase board. Not only that, but they can be designed to look like just about anything you can think of. Keeping times, dates, and to do lists

Dry EraseCalendars are one clear use for dry erase wall graphics. Since they stick effortlessly to the wall, it’s easy to hang one just about anywhere. And you don’t need a new calendar every month, either–simply erase the dates and add in the new ones. Not only is this clean and effective, it also saves on paper waste as opposed to traditional calendars. You can even add a to-do list that can be erased and added to as needed. Your employees will thank you for providing them with a space to record memos, and your bottom line will thank you for saving on material costs.

Offices and Meeting Rooms

Dry erase wall graphics are also ideal for dressing up a boardroom or meeting space. They can be made in multiple sizes, and are ideal for jotting down notes or brainstorming. It’s even possible to turn a large portion of a wall into a smooth, hassle-free dry erase space. And if the office ever needs to move, simply pull down the decal and move it along with you.

Decoration, Signage, and Menus

In addition to saving energy and money as opposed to paper, dry erase wall graphics can also be used as decoration or signage. Hang one up inside a restaurant and use it to jot down the menu, or hang one up on a back wall and draw on it for advertising or artistic flair. The wall graphics can also be printed with custom designs and colors, making it easy for you to create a decal that fits your business’s tone and personality.

A Unique Business Accent

So the next time you need a calendar, want to streamline a boardroom, or want a unique wall element for your business, consider dry erase wall graphics. They’re easy to apply and come in an almost endless array of sizes, patterns, and prints. Custom work is also possible for those who want to have a little more flair, or who have a specific purpose in mind for their business.

All in all, dry erase wall graphics are a diverse and versatile wall decoration that can suit many purposes inside your business. Consider one the next time you have some redecorating to do.

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