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Communicating with Your Walls

Increase communication in any setting by letting your walls talk. With a dry erase wall graphic on the blank walls in your office or at home, messages are updated and readily available with a few strokes of a marker. Also known as a wall decal, the low-tac adhesive won’t harm your walls, enabling it to be removed and reused as needed. Once installed, a reusable dry erase wall cling has plenty of uses for business, retail and educational settings.

Build Better Communication to Your Office Employees

A reusable dry erase wall graphic lends more attention and inspiration toward communicating better. The fact that it can be placed anywhere in the office makes a huge difference in attracting employees to use it to relay messages or to convey an idea to fellow employees. By bringing better communication and F69-01533_4_Month_Dry_Erase_Calendar_Purple_LtPurplehaving an immediate place to write out creative ideas, teamwork and brainstorming opportunities increase within your company.

Provide Swift Messaging in Retail Stores

By using these coverings in a retail setting, you have a much more affordable way to relay messages about last-minute sales, product availability or in-store events. When placed in a prominent location, you have an immediately affordable and practical method to convey information without having to use expensive digital signage.

Explaining Concepts in Educational Settings

Most schools use dry erase boards, though most of them cut costs by using smaller ones. When needing to explain broader concepts, a larger dry erase graphic will help teachers convey more intricate ideas. With more complex subjects to teach today, you’ll no longer need to cramp your notes and graphics within a small frame or erase what you’ve already written.

With their simplicity and ready-to-use personality, dry erase wall graphics are just waiting to make your life—and your communications—better.

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