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Today more than ever, the correlation between image and political platform is important. Perhaps you’ve already figured out that your own political campaign needs as much branding as any corporation does. Lately, it has even been a hot news topic on a national political level. When Hillary Clinton hired a top branding firm earlier this year to bring a visual branding appeal to her presidential campaign, the result was initially positive, though it has also met its fair share of criticism.

Of course, printing ideas for political campaigns go far beyond the use of logos. Graphic design is an important element. With our printing expertise, we’re here to work closely with you to find the heart and soul of your campaign platform. We’ll find the right products to use and help you tailor your graphic-design ideas to make your campaign materials as attractive as possible. With our top-tier printing techniques, you’re also guaranteed the best quality in the industry for durability and readability.

Take a look at some of the best and most popular products we offer, and what kinds of designs we can place on each for either outdoor or indoor use.

Traditional Political Printing

When you think of graphic design for political campaigns, you probably think of buttons and bumper stickers. Those are still effective when they’re professionally printed. Yet, it’s easy to get slipshod on printing things like bumper stickers, particularly when you cut corners and make them yourself. Despite Photoshop being accessible, you can’t make something look professional without true expertise and the right digital printing equipment.

canstockphoto15190433We can easily print high-quality buttons and bumper stickers. Despite the small area on each, we can expertly guide you as to what designs are most appropriate and will fill the space while not cluttering. This includes your own logo, a motto, or your picture, name, and concise political statement.

Don’t forget that Don’t forget that yard signs are still a mainstay of political marketing—and for good reason. They’re effective and durable. Our signs come with a corrugated structure and options for one or two-sided printing. They also come in numerous customized sizes so you can choose the right dimensions for your political message.

No matter the size, we’ll help you find the right graphics and imagery to stand out. You want your political signs easily seen from passing cars or foot traffic, and for viewers to be able to quickly recognize your name and political title.

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Political Brochures, Flyers, And Door Hangers

You can go into more detail about your political platform using products like brochures. Our brochures have various fold designs, paper stock, and coatings for a classy presentation to present the political issues you care about. Color and layout play an important role in how someone reacts to your political ideals. Brochures help make that happen in a compelling and organized way. They’re also very portable so you can hand them out in person at political rallies, or mail them using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).

Flyers work the same way with pristine printing quality so colors and text pop out. They’re perfect for placing on doors when you’re out in the field spreading word about who you are.

Door hangers are another common and effective marketing method for politicians wanting to reach specific neighborhoods and districts. We’ll help you provide a design on each one that instantly catches the eye when seen from any perspective or angle. Door hangers have durable materials as well, so they withstand natural elements if they are hanging on a door for long hours.

Direct Mail Products

Reaching people by snail mail never becomes archaic in political campaigns. Even so, you need to capture a person’s attention the moment he opens his mailbox. Because far too many people receive junk mail, a political advertisement could get automatically tossed out if it doesn’t have an appealing aesthetic.

Postcards are a popular direct-mail option, thanks to their vibrant colors and simplicity. Sometimes a simple presentation is all you need in a political campaign, especially if you focus on one targeted issue.

Printing Social Media Graphics

Don’t underestimate social media graphics to represent your online brand. Getting into politics requires social media usage to reach the most amounts of people. We’ll design the social media graphic of your choice on any popular channel. For social media handles and other details, we’ll make sure the information is easily readable so people can find you in the moment while on their smartphones.

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