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Your company relies on you to give a great presentation that has a clear message as to why a prospective customer should do business with you. When meeting with business partners or attending trade shows, conventions, or other professional events, traditional plain handouts or binders just won’t give you the competitive edge you need.

One of the most effective ways to convey a strong message to your audience is to use a marketing tool that not only helps your business make a lasting impression but also demonstrates your attention to detail, quality, and care. An information-packed presentation folder, designed with captivating graphics, will arouse curiosity and attract new customers to your products and services.

Wondering how to build a professional presentation folder that wins over customers and sets you apart from your competitors? Here’s what you need.

An Introduction Letter

An introduction letter printed on custom letterhead and high-quality paper makes a great first impression and begins to provide your customers with information about your company and the products or services your presentation folder will cover. This is a great icebreaker for prospects who are not familiar with your business.

You can also use this letter to reflect upon previous discussions relating to a customer’s needs and pain points. In this letter, you can pinpoint ways your company can offer them unique value beyond what your competitors offer.

Business Cards

A quality business card provides some of the best networking opportunities around. Sharing contact information such as cell phone or business numbers, social media handles, and website addresses inspires potential customers to get in touch or engage with your brand online. An up-to-date business card with an attractive and professional design goes a long way toward building relationships beyond the initial interaction


Why should you consider a postcard as a must-have marketing tool? There are 3 ways they set you apart from the competition:

  • Postcards are the perfect size, small enough to be a convenient reminder of a grand opening or a new product or service offering.
  • They make it easy to include in your presentation folder coupons or special offers that motivate customers to take action.
  • Postcards add a personal touch and are a nice way to show appreciation to customers, establish good business relationships, and build better leads. People are impressed when you reach out to them in this way.

Educational Material

It’s important to fill your presentation folder with targeted information that helps to educate and persuade your audience. Here are just a few educational items you might want to include:

  • Case Studies – Your customers need information and want to learn how your business is different. Well-written case studies answer their question of “what’s in it for me?” This is where you can use client representatives to describe a problem they had and then tell how you solved it. This shows prospective customers that you are a reputable company that produces results.
  • New Models/Upgrades in Merchandise – At meetings and expos, you want to showcase your latest product models and upgrades in order to build excitement and generate awareness. This is easy when you include an attractive brochure or flyer in your folder to help spread the news.
  • Testimonials – Your audience will trust you more if you can prove that other people value your expertise, which is why it’s important to establish credibility in your industry. Testimonials are informative, value-added content that not only address your target customers’ pain points, but also help build a trusting relationship.

Press Releases

Include any press releases in your folder to let customers and prospects know what’s going on in your company. News involving monthly business wins, new customers you have brought on board, new product or service offerings, and special events or trainings will add greater depth and relevance to your presentation and help successfully promote your brand.

Promotional Materials & Extras

For trade shows and conventions, include a magnet, a few coupons, or a bookmark for additional advertising opportunities that people will see and remember long after the event. They can stick a magnet on the fridge so they see it every time they reach for a snack. Coupons that give them discounts on a purchase are very welcome. A bookmark, customized with your logo or message, is a useful gift that will catch their attention every time they pick up their latest read.

As you can see, having an information-packed presentation folder enables you to more effectively share the most important details about your business with people who attend conferences, sales meetings, consultations, conventions, or trade shows. By creating a comprehensive and professional presentation packet, you allow people to bring those materials home so they can review and consider them at a later date.

People who network and attend hundreds of trade shows and conventions offer some good advice. They say that if you’re unprepared at these events and think that 99.9% of the job is just showing up, you’re wrong. Prospects won’t even remember you unless you give them a business card or some other type of promo item.

Other veterans say that having an organized way to keep track of who you spoke with and what you discussed is essential to following up with prospects after a show. “Bringing business cards or other cool, packable promo products will also make a difference and identify you in a unique way.”

With a professional presentation folder, you’ll have all of these bases covered because it’s something that’s both unique and tangible. This is a tool that will help make your investment in these events more productive, profitable, and rewarding.

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