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There are a number of great ways to integrate your brand into all aspects of your company. Let’s discuss a few of that stand out above the rest.

But first, a word on why said integration is important: Your brand is, as they say in French, your “raison d’être,” or in plain English, your real reason for existing in the first place. It takes no giant leap in reasoning to realize that you need to have it drive everything your company does.

Three ways to integrate the b-word into all aspects of your company:

Put Your Logo Everywhere

1215808_coloured_daisyAssuming your logo is as great as it can be and defines your business and the way you operate it, place your logo everywhere you can. Make sure every employee is aware of the relation between your logo, your company’s mission and the attributes you wish your logo to convey.

Make it All About Your Business Culture

The way people answer the telephone, what sales people wear on sales calls, your website and down to the e-mail signature — everything, in fact — are part of that integration. Be sure your product packaging is consistent with the look and feel of your company logo. Pay attention to consistent placement of the corporate identity.

Create a Memorable Tagline

Write down your message and make it both your employees’ goal as well as its promise to your customer. Synthesize your message into a tagline that is memorable, meaningful and concise. While you’re doing all that integrating, strive for consistency. That means being both true to the promise of that message and striving at all times to deliver on that promise.

For instance, let’s say that your company tagline goes something like this: “We deliver on time, or we pay the freight.”  That tagline encompasses two promises. Failure to keep the first implies a dedication to the second. The first time the second promise is broken, will undoubtedly be the last time your customer will trust your brand. (That also goes for the second time you fail to keep the first promise.)

Finally, the aforementioned integration must be based on somewhat of a self-discovery that, knows your core business mission and your target customers. Once you recognize that and begin the naturally occurring integration, you can focus on creating the voice for your company that reflects your business mission and dedicates everyone to keeping the promise exemplified by your vision.

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