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Labels are a modest print item that has versatility between B2B and B2C audiences. Although there are many applications, the key elements that make for an effective company label are often overlooked. If you’ve got a need for a label, we’ve got the necessities for your labeling success:

Start with stock

Clear, color or textured paper defines your product and your brand. Clear labels give products a clean, contemporary presence while textured or colored stock conveys a sophisticated, handcrafted image.

Size it up

The label use will determine your finished size. Address labels are limited to the obvious, but packaging or product labels will call for extra copy and therefore, size. Determine ahead of time what’s required to best choose your ideal label size.

Shock with shape

Unusual shapes will draw attention to your label. This can be accomplished with unique die-cuts or through print and design techniques. Explore the shapely possibilities for your company and brand.

Greet with graphics

Improve your brand recognition with illustrations or photographs. Distinctive, eye-catching, visible logos or images help your product stand out from everyone else.

Grab some color

Choosing the ideal color depends on the color of your container or product packaging. Contrast and visual effects will determine the color choices for your label.

Rely on readability

You only have 2-3 seconds to attract a reader’s attention so choose your words—and font—wisely. Although the label’s use will determine the copy, keep it simple and focus on brevity. Your company name and logo may be all that’s needed. Then, choose a font that’s easy to read without pulling out a magnifying lens.

Focus on fonts

There are hundreds of font styles to choose from but be consistent with your brand. If your company image has a long history, then shocking your audience with a funky font may scare your reader away. Likewise, a more modern company may wish to explore font styles, but your choice needs to maintain readability.

Fun with finish

The finish is another choice that will influence your brand. A glossy finish adds flash and a modern touch to your label while a matte finish provides a more classic look.

Labels are a fun way to deliver a product, message, or visual. With the many style and design options to choose from, your message delivery will be memorable. How have you used labels? How do these tips inspire new ideas? We’d love to hear from you!

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