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The advent of social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the use of websites have modernized the concept creating virtual and interactive platforms for first impressions. Indeed these high tech tools are giving businesses and institutions more opportunities to reach out to the public and for the public to respond right back. The simple communications tool of the modern business card has been around since the 19th century and still provides the opportunity for a one-on-one memorable introduction and a take away memory aid for new contacts. Isn’t it about time to revamp this tried and true marketing tool and bring it into the 21st century? Employing the dynamism of lenticular printing, unique 4 Dimensional business cards can leave a lasting impression.

Lenticular_Online_AdLenticular printing technology employs lenticular lenses that have the capability of displaying printed images with an illusion of depth, thereby creating three dimensionality or the layering of three different images that reveal themselves at different viewing angles. This technology, which has been evolving since the 1940s, has become affordable for marketing purposes and is now at your disposal. The up-to-date business card design uses a two-sided layout that allows for one side of the card to be visually energetic and vibrant, while the other side prints flat and reinforces the design but provides the all-important clear contact information. Now, your business card becomes a conversation piece and it will elicit comments and become a pleasing image for your eyes and mind to behold; creating without question an intimate marketing tool that will be looked at more than once and perhaps shared with others on your behalf.

Here are 5 reasons to upgrade to 4D business cards:

  • Place some of the latest printing technology in your business contacts hands. Give them a reason to talk about your business identity. Let them know you are in the vanguard.
  • The design potential exponentially grows. With room for up to three overlapping images, now you can incorporate a moving hologram design, or up to three different images that share more about what you do.
  • Lenticular printing is doing for business cards what four-color printing process technology did for the traditional spot ink color printing business card.
  • By applying this technological advancement in printing for your business cards you are essentially maximizing their use and getting a return on your purchase. If business cards are meant be shared as a convenience and memory aid during introductions, why not give your potential new customer or future partner a business card that they won’t forget.
  • Don’t gamble with the opportunity to make a lasting first impression, 4D Lenticular business cards allow you to share a more developed representation of what your identity or business is truly about.


There will always be the brick and mortar storefront or office for first impressions. Add the advent of electronic communication and social media outlets, we have a set of new facets to represent our business identity. Yet, one thing that will not fade in business is human interaction, and the work that we put into communicating ourselves properly. One should also focus on the quality of your business card design and printed product. Give potential clients and contacts an easy and memorable tool to contact you and seek out your services. Contact us to learn how we can design and print your 4D Lenticular business cards. We are a creative design firm and we can take you from the initial concept design all the way through to the delivery of the final printed product, assuring your satisfaction throughout the whole process. Be ahead of the curve in your sector and area to make use of this simple and affordable, yet high-tech printing method, and make sure your first impressions are not flat!

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