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With so many online advertising outlets — your website, Twitter, Facebook, Pay-per-click, etc. — it’s more important than ever for your business to communicate its message as clearly and effectively as possible.  One of the easiest ways for existing and potential clients to recognize your company and distinguish it from the competition is by your logo.  Here are the first four of nine logo design mistakes to avoid when it comes to creating a professional and successful logo.

Logo designed by an amateur

Too many businesses want to save money by designing their logo themselves. The typical low-budget solutions include choosing a friend or relative who claims to know ‘a few things about graphic design’, outsourcing the job to a design competition website, or hiring an online company offering really cheap logos. If your logo looks unprofessional, then your business will too.

Design trends

Professionally designed logos are timeless because they ignore the latest gimmicks and design tricks.  The best way to avoid current logo design trends is by being aware of the latest design crazes.  Professional designers will focus instead on what makes your company unique and will create a logo that reflects your identity to your clients.

Raster images

Raster images are composed of pixels and are limited to size applications before they become ‘blocky’ or pixelated. Vector graphics are made up of mathematically precise points which allow visual consistency whether applied to a website application or printed on a trade show banner.  Vector images also maintain visual quality when adapted to across media platforms.

Stock images

Amateur designers unaware of copyright laws often download stock vector images from websites.  Downloading these images isn’t a crime but incorporating them into your logo could cause serious legal trouble.  The licensing agreement between the designer and your company should be exclusive and your logo unique and original.  The use of stock art negates both and doesn’t guarantee your logo design won’t be used elsewhere.

These four points cover the professional look and feel of your logo. Choosing a specialized graphic designer ensures a logo that best fits your company image and eliminates the issues stated above. Your logo will have a longer lifespan, won’t need to be redesigned, and will enhance your business image and brand.

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