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They say that size isn’t everything, but at 2×3”, this ‘palm pistol’ of the marketing world packs some serious heat when it comes to your business. As the first contact with your company, does your business card have what it takes to shoot down the competition? Take a look at these tips for business card solution success:

The classic: business name, contact information, tagline…these are typical and necessary business card inclusions, so be sure it is correct. Avoid errors that will lose your prospects and leads.

Be different: Make your business card a conversation piece by turning it into a note card, a sticker, a bookmark or an event ticket. A business card that gives a potential client something to talk about is one that helps you spread the word about your company.

Stir action: Inspire action by including a SKU or QR code that offers coupons, discounts or a free download from your website. In addition to more visitors, you’ll be able to track the analytics which helps you to test the effectiveness of your current design or incentive. Keep your card lively by offering different incentives annually or semi-annually.

Inspire: Challenge, entertain or educate your leads and prospects. Surprise potential clients with fun facts or figures. Address their issues, offer a challenge, or state an unknown fact. These tidbits will keep your company top-of-mind plus offer conversation-starters beyond the usual card exchange.

Mix it up: Testimonials, new product or service offerings, events or causes share a little more about you and your business. In the world of ‘know-like-share’, these options help personalize your business and demonstrate your commitment to your community.

Extra: Adding your photo puts your potential customers in touch with the real force behind the business. Beyond the networking meeting, business expo or trade show, once your prospects ‘see’ you, they’ll be able to pick you out of a crowd—whether in person or online.

While the standard business card size may have you thinking there isn’t enough room for all this great information, consider the open space on the flip side of the card. Secondly, many of the options listed above can be stated in one sentence. While each selection offers a special feature, explore them with smaller print runs and combinations. Your audience may respond to different styles, and your business card is the perfect platform for exploration and brand personalization.

At your next business event or networking meeting, be ready with real marketing heat. And the good news is: you don’t need a permit!

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