Outshine the Competition With Foil Printing
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Foil printing provides business owners with an easy and affordable way to create dazzling promotional material. This guide will discuss some of the basics of foil printing and how every business can benefit from using it in their marketing efforts.

Why Foil Printing?

Ad-600x600-AquafoilOne of the biggest challenges businesses face when producing printed material is finding ways to stand out from the crowd. While unique fonts and great graphic design can go a long way, they often aren’t enough when it comes to competing with similar printed material from other businesses. Whether it’s a simple business card or an entire poster, being unique ensures that potential customers notice and remember the brand.

When it comes to printed material, foil printing offers an inexpensive and eye-catching way to “outshine” the competition. Foil printed material not only garners more attention, but it can also communicate a sense of finesse and attention to detail that even the most discerning customers will value.

Thanks to new methods, foil printing is easier and more versatile than ever before. Traditionally, pre-prepared foil designs were transferred to the surface using high temperatures, a process known as hot foil stamping. This later evolved into cold foil printing, where a special inkjet applies a foil to the surface in the form of ink. While cold foil stamping remains the standard today, new products and techniques are gradually becoming favorites for small production. One of these products is Akuafoil, which prints a full range of colors over a silver metallic layer. This provides a foil-like sheen and the ability to print images like a standard inkjet printer, resulting in greater design capabilities and a lower cost than other printing methods.

Common Uses for Foil Printing

While foil printing is available for just about anything, it’s most commonly seen on printed promotional materials such as:

Electro_Akuafoil_01Business Cards

Business cards are one of the easiest and most affordable mediums for foil printing, since their small size guarantees a low printing cost and allows for a subtle design. Foil printing also makes business cards more noticeable, increasing the odds of them standing out among other cards.


Even if a business has the best product in their industry, it’ll make no difference if customers are unimpressed by – or oblivious to – their marketing efforts. With foil printing, businesses can convey the level of professionalism necessary to build brand reputation with potential customers. There’s nothing worse than a customer turning down the right product as a result of unprofessional or poorly made marketing materials!


Ideally, readers should instantly recognize the location on a postcard. While good photography is arguably the most important part of achieving this, having flashy or eye-catching text stating the name of the location is especially helpful and makes for an impressive design.

Foil Printing with Electro Image

Electro_Akuafoil_03Electro Image utilizes the revolutionary Akuafoil method, where a wide range of CMYK colors are precisely printed over a silver metallic surface, resulting in a brilliant and dazzling sheen. Akuafoil also allows for high-resolution designs and a number of special effects such as gradients, multiple colors, half tones, and beveling. With these capabilities coupled with Electro Image’s graphic design team, businesses can create unforgettable promotional material and stand out from the competition at an affordable price.

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