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First impressions are critical to your customers’ perception of your business. They can make or break a sale and attract or repel a new client. To differentiate your business from your competitors, you need to exceed your customers’ expectations so they will remember you. A uniquely designed plastic card will give the recipients a memorable impression. You don’t want to look like everyone else in your market,  you want the person holding the card to perceive your business as exceptional.

Look Extraordinary and Exceed Expectations with Plastic Cards

Electro_PlasticCard_02Traditional card stock cards are fantastic tools to remind your customers of your business after initial contact, yet plastic cards are a high quality, durable option available to you. They don’t easily fade and they are resistant to moisture. Plastic cards indicate excellence because they have the “wow” factor. Let us help you raise the bar to exceed the expectations of your customers by designing and printing truly amazing plastic cards.

Unique Designs

Whether you choose a card stock or a plastic business card, a creative and interesting card will help in impressing the recipient. Failing to create a professional and exciting design will lack the ability to differentiate your business from your competitors. If you aren’t sure how to proceed with the creative portion. prior to having your cards printed, consider contacting Electro Image. Our creative staff will assist you in the process, front concept to delivery, for one of the most critical marketing tools in business.

Why Electro Image?

At Electro Image, we take great pride in our work. Taking the time to discern the unique needs of our clients is important because we understand no two projects are the same. When choosing a plastic card printing company, there are several reasons why we should be your supplier:

  • Electro Image, LLC has an extensive portfolio of samples for your review
  • All of our graphic designs are unique
  • Our years of experience with graphic design and printing guarantee you a finished product of the highest quality
  • Cards are available in composite or PVC materials
  • We understand each of our customers have unique needs, and we can tailor a solution that’s right for them

We serve clients from coast-to-coast and our plastic cards are strong, durable and retain their color.  A winning combination generating a bold and vibrant look.  To inquire about our printing and design services, contact us at 636.777.7873 or Ask for a FREE quote today!


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