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Thrive Instead of Strive

The economic forecast can be just as fickle as the weather, but limiting or ending your marketing strategy during a recession, or downed economy, can be harmful both today and in the long run. While it’s tempting to pinch pennies, the following ideas will boost your image, boost company moral and convey to your audience that you are alive and well.

Redesign your business cards. You, your employees and your business will benefit from the new image. Additionally, your clients and contacts will view the new design as a sign you are ready and able to take care of their needs. Redesign your logo, change the font on your tagline, add or update your social media links. Small changes will yield big results.

Surprise your clients and contacts with postcards. A cheery note thanking past or current clients for their business always brings a smile. This is also an ideal opportunity to announce a special, a discount for a new service, or an event. Postcards are a great way to inform, remind and express appreciation.

Do you have news to share? Then deliver that message on company stationery. As with postcards, something unexpected in the mail will grab the eye—and attention—over the standard junk mail and bills. A press release announcing a milestone or upcoming event is perfect for your stationery. Add a little color and your open rates will soar.
Give brochure marketing a try at networking meetings, conventions and seminars. Business cards are the typical handout, but a brochure can go the extra mile by including information that just won’t fit on a card. Address some FAQs. Offer a discount coupon, a sample product (garden seeds, seasoning packet, perfume sample), or a website link to a free, informative paper. It’ll be a sure way to stand out at an event.
Your marketing strategy may need some adjustments during a slow economy, but make that change happen through your print marketing. Something unexpected, a few creative ideas, maybe even a little playfulness can step you ahead of your competition. Your target audience will want to know you are alive and well and print marketing is a quick and easy way to let them know.

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