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Table tents are also known as table talkers, because they help do the talking for you when it comes to promoting your company or event. Printed on durable 30-MIL plastic material, you’ve seen these around on restaurant tables and in waiting areas for years. They give a compact way to provide information about your company, products or upcoming events.

Electro-Rockit-Table-TalkerIn restaurants, they’re perfect to use for enticing customers to order and appetizer or dessert, or learn about upcoming happy hours or wine tastings while patrons wait for their entrees. For customers or patients in a lobby or waiting area of a physicians office, why not promote something useful about your business or practice?  It gives the person waiting something else to read besides the typical magazine.

What about using them to advertise a promotional event you’ll be holding in the coming new year? An event such as this on a table talker is an effective way of getting it in front of customers who frequent your business on a regular basis. You have various strategic places you can place them throughout your facility and get people interested in attending.

Get creative!

When creating a promotion for an event (perhaps a fundraiser), set them up where everyone will see them.  Give viewers the opportunity to pick one up and read it in detail. Ours are produced on a plastic composite material, which are water resistant and durable enough to be handled regularly without damage. Nevertheless, they’re also designed to set perfectly flat and easily viewed from almost any angle.  Need help getting the creative juices started? Our graphic designers know how to maximize space, incorporate your brand and promote the product or event with a captivating style.

Materials and Customization

Made from 30 MIL plastic materials, you’re already assured table tents will hold up well during and beyond the period of time you want to promote. Even if only needed for a limited time, they’re built to last.

Electro-vertical-table-talkerIn order to provide variety, different orientations, vertical or horizontal, are available to obtain the perfect presentation. Using bright, colored graphics, you can place product images to promote and grab the attention of the viewer. Keeping the right amount of text copy with product and branding is essential. Don’t forget to prominently promote your website, social media channels and a QR code for people to scan with their smartphone and learn more while on the go.

Electro Image is a creative design firm that specializes in maximizing the right balance of message and brand on all types of marketing materials, social media graphics and yes, table talkers! We’ll learn about your business, products and events to create the perfect campaign.  Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you with your promotional needs.

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