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Sometimes it seems like it’s pretty hard to come up with a new marketing idea these days—and most of the “new” things you see are using electronic media. You, on the other hand, are well aware of the value of putting something physical in people’s hands, whether through a direct mail campaign, brochures left in hotels and restaurants, etc. This is why we think you will like the marketing twist that we can provide: put your next message on a puzzle. Here are some of the reasons why puzzle marketing could be the key to gaining more customers:

  • They’re memorable. In a day when people receive a wide variety of brochures, postcards and other flashy messages on cardstock, your puzzle will stand out as something different.
  • downloadThey’ll stick around. Recipients can take them apart, and then put them together again, while listening to music on hold at their desk.  Then they can give them to colleagues in pieces, and colleagues won’t know what the puzzle is about until they solve it–and see your pitch for themselves.
  • They hold the recipient’s attention. The time that the recipient spends playing with the puzzle is longer than it takes to glance at a postcard or flip open a brochure. This means that your company name, logo and message have a longer period of time to soak into the customer’s consciousness.
  • They’re fun. Rather than another “pushy” ad, the puzzle is light-hearted and fun, which will help the recipient remember your business.

You can also think outside the box in terms of distribution of these marketing puzzles. In addition to sending them through the mail, you can:

  • Give them away at trade shows
  • Hang them on hotel doorknobs at conferences
  • Have your marketing team hand them out when they make sales calls
  • Get permission to leave them on restaurant tables, where patrons can play with them while they await their food
  • Use them internally, to give a puzzling “high five” or other positive message to your employees

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