Swag: What It Is. What It Can Do.
Electro Image LLC

Swag. Everyone wants it, and it’s a wise business that uses it for marketing purposes. What is it? Swag are the small promotional items given to employees of or visitors to a company. Swag are the give-away items at trade shows that fill every booth and lure in potential customers. Swag keeps your company’s name on the lips and in the minds of possible clients long after the meeting or trade show. Examples of swag include, but are not limited to ink pens, key chains, notepads, tote bags, magnets, and puzzles. Yes, puzzles.

img_1964In a technology driven world, most marketing ploys revolve around social media. Whether it’s a Facebook ad or a new app, neither one will hold a customer’s attention like an object that they can physically touch, hold, or put together. While an ad runs for a specified period of time, a personalized ink pen with your company logo will remain in use for as long as the ink holds out or until the pen is lost.

Losing swag is actually another marketing facet. The ink pen or notepad that was originally picked up at a trade show gets used by one person until it gets left behind. By advertising your business to one person who eventually loses the swag, it gets a second life and second generation advertising to the person who finds it. Each time, it gets lost or left behind, another person gets word of your company.

With this residual form of advertising or marketing, it’s important that your swag item contains not just the company name and/or logo, but what service your company provides in addition to a means of contact. Including an address, website or phone number makes it easy for all future potential customers to find your company. While the first person who picks up your pen will likely know who you are, what you do, and how to find you, the second, third, and fourth person to find that same pen, keychain, notepad, tote bag or magnet will not. In all likelihood, it will be found out of context of the trade show or business meeting so make it easy on the person who finds it, and as a result add another customer to your roster.

While a single advertisement may cost a hundred dollars or more and runs once, a hundred dollars buys a lot of swag and is the advertising that keeps on advertising long past the initial handout.

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