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Business cards are great for making business contacts, but sometimes you are in a social situation, and you need something a little different. What is a social business card? It is a card that has your personal & social media contact information on it. The idea seems to be there is a place for the social business card in our rapidly changing world of social media and virtual connecting.

Here are seven situations a creatively designed social business card would be a key asset:


If you are in the job market, or unemployed, then you are not likely to have a business card, or if you do, it may be one from a former employer. You end up scribbling your contact information on the back and feeling less than professional. The social business card makes the process of networking easier, and you can include your LinkedIn profile, or online resume page.

Parties, barbecues or other events

If you are planning a party or other get together, have social business cards on hand. You can write the time and date on a handful of cards. When you see someone you wish to invite, just give him or her a card. You can even include it with invitations as a reminder. The card is small enough to carry with them, like an appointment card, so they are less likely to forget, and it makes it easy to get in touch with you, or find your house.


When you meet someone and want to see them again, but the awkwardness of finding a pen and paper, or even asking is difficult. A social business card can make that transition easy and non- threatening. If you include your social media links, the person can find out a bit more about you, and perhaps contact you in a casual online way, like a Facebook message. They will certainly remember you, as they have a tangible reminder of your meeting.

Class reunions

This is a place where you are reconnecting with many people, or perhaps meeting new people. Using a card is easier than repeatedly writing out your information on the back of a napkin, or the person needing to pull out their phone and enter the info on the spot.

At school

If there is someone in a class that you would like to spend time with or get to know, a social business card is a quick way to get their attention. They can look you up on Facebook, or send you an IM.

On vacation

There are always those wonderful people you meet on vacation. “Keep in touch,” you say, or “We should get together again.” It rarely happens, but in the age of online socializing it is easy to stay connected, and so handing a card to your cruise ship dinner friends, or the great ski instructor can keep the friendship developing.

As a gift card

These are just the right size for a gift card, or to insert in a flower arrangement, and you can write something personal on the back

When creating a social business card, besides your name and phone number, consider including:

  • Your home address
  • Your email address
  • Blog or website address
  • Facebook name
  • Twitter username
  • LinkedIn
  • IM name
  • Skype contact
  • QR codes, scan-able to link to your website, social media, or even enabling the user to add your contact info to their phone.

Be creative, there are many uses for a social business card, and because these are more casual than a business card, you have more freedom. You may even consider having more than one type for different uses.

Consult us for putting your ideas into a social card that expresses your individuality.

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