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Using custom letterhead and stationery for business communication is a time-honored way of bringing professionalism to any company. Whether subtle or bold, modern or elegant, a letterhead can take your everyday correspondence and make it stand out.

Using quality printing in St. Louis, you can go beyond traditional letterheads and create something refreshingly unique and complementary to your brand, while establishing a more personalized connection with new or existing customers and your own team.

Any St. Louis business can take advantage of the many creative uses of custom letterheads by incorporating it into a wide variety of marketing materials, internal communications, and professional correspondence. No matter who is on the receiving end of your message, they’ll know that you’ve gone the extra mile to reach out to them with a personalized message and experience.

The printed materials that identify you as a business should extend beyond business cards. See how custom stationery can elevate your professionalism and help you stand out from the rest of the marketing noise.

Using Letterhead As A Marketing Tool

Though most in the B2C industry embrace a more personalized approach to marketing, some B2B businesses are still apprehensive, for fear of losing their professional appearance. Injecting a little personalization into everyday stationery can have a big impact on potential customers, proving that “professional” and “personal” are not mutually exclusive.

The goal of your marketing materials should always be to increase brand awareness and keep your company name and logo fresh in customers’ minds.

Uses for letterheads in marketing materials include:

  • Direct mail campaigns
  • White papers
  • Spec sheets
  • Special announcements
  • Promotions

Modern letterhead design makes bland, white paper stand out and enhances the “know-like-trust” factor of your marketing materials. When used consistently over time, a cohesive letterhead will make your brand more recognizable and appealing.

Using Letterhead For Internal Communication

Letterhead can be a great way to add a personal touch to your marketing material, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be used strictly as a promotional tool. It can make internal communication more interesting, as well.

With custom stationery, you can add more pizzazz and personality to:

  • Company newsletters and announcements
  • Board-meeting minutes and agendas
  • Thank-you notes

By using your letterhead within your company correspondence, you reinforce the value and importance of your brand to your employees and add an official touch to every company communication.

Using Premium Paper For Professionalism

It’s worth remembering that the tangible aesthetics of your printed products can be just as important and impactful as the visual aesthetics. Using high-quality paper materials for your letterhead enables you to merge both the senses of sight and touch.

canstockphoto26893020There are many different premium paper options to choose from, and each can help you achieve a unique look and feel. Without even reading the words or images on the page, the weight and texture of these materials can provide a tactile testament to the professionalism and style of your brand.

When considering the type of paper that best suits your needs, determine the type of feeling you want it to have. Do you want your stationery to be a heavy, durable card stock? Or would you prefer something light and glossy? How do you plan to use the stationery? Will you be sending it through the mail, distributing it in your storefront, or sending it around the office? Answering these questions will help you to choose a paper that feels right.

Using Color To Enhance Letterhead

While the proper paper material sets the perfect backdrop for your custom stationery, the colors are what really catch the eye. A letterhead that is meant to represent and introduce your business calls for something familiar and vibrant for a strong branding sensibility.

In conjunction with the paper you use, digital printing creates brighter, more vivid colors, and with so many color options available, you have the ability to create a truly stunning color palette. This allows your business to subtly incorporate your own brand colors into any piece of communication.

As an example, a company can apply a letterhead that incorporates a color scheme already used in its products or is prominent in its logo or signage. Even fonts can have color—just be sure your colored fonts can be easily readable.

Properly Branding Letterhead Envelopes

Direct mail campaigns still get strong results, and sending a professional letter for a B2C or B2B promo campaign requires a memorable envelope. Envelopes can be the perfect vessel to deliver your printed materials to customers, but you’ll want to make sure the branding is just right to ensure your envelopes get opened.

Start by incorporating your newly designed letterhead into the design of your envelope. This will create cohesion between your printed products. Don’t stop there, though! Feel free to get creative and colorful with the remaining space on your envelope. Since this is the first taste a recipient gets of the contents inside, you’ll want to catch their attention immediately. Add your company logo or a unique graphic that complements the personality of your business. Be sure to choose an envelope size that is practical but that leaves ample room for your specialized imagery.

When printed in bulk, a company can keep plenty of stationery on hand to use for all of their brand and business correspondence. Whether you are communicating with a colleague or courting a new customer, custom letterhead and stationery adds a subtle touch of personalization and professionalism to any of your printed materials.

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