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Your customers have an impact on graphic designs for print marketing campaigns.  The strategies you choose has everything to do with pleasing audiences, and failure to do this will affect the future of your company.  Whenever you are designing marketing pieces, such as your corporate logo, brochures, flyers, ads & stationery for advertising campaigns, success ultimately comes down to how much and how far you’re willing to go to get your product or service out there. 


Target AudienceThe goal is to figure out the audience to have in mind in designing.   No business can get into advertising without knowing who to target.  Determine what the demographic and psychographic is.  Conduct a survey, ask for feedback, check graphs to see what’s selling and take polls.  Make it your mission to take a peek at the competition.  It may include some people that the competition doesn’t.  When you get an idea use your advertising skills to reach out to everyone in your demo (age, location, gender, income) and psychographic (feeling, emotion, lifestyle and other variables) especially that target group the competition doesn’t reach.

Analyze your product/service:

Take a look inside the products and services you sell.  Write down the benefits of each product and/or service, and breakdown the benefits of those benefits until you can’t think of any more.  Think about the types of people who would need those services or products.  Those people don’t have to be as detailed, but there must be an idea.  The audience chosen through research and analyzing will determine where to go and where to avoid.

Think like your target audience:

Since advertising is made with your customers in mind, it’s important for companies to think like them and learn the best methods on how to connect.  There are banners, flyers, door hangers, ads and countless other marketing materials to choose from.  Take what you like out and look at it from an objective standpoint.  A good way to think like the audience is to get an independent opinion.  They can be objective toward the design and give their honest opinion about purchasing it.  As you approach designing with a trial-and-error strategy, make sure the message is clear for everyone to understand.  Highlight products and services and end with a reason to visit the company website.  Take those ideas with you when you create the final marketing materials.

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