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We live in the digital age and are used to communicating electronically. A recent Gallup poll found that Americans check their smartphones at least hourly. However, there is something to be said about tangible products that engage multiple senses. In fact, research has shown the simple action of writing down ideas or using visual aids helps people communicate complex ideas more effectively.

Are you looking for an easy way to communicate with customers or provide a platform for employees to collaborate and share ideas? Consider reaching both audiences through printed marketing materials for your St. Louis business. A well-planned print marketing strategy is simple and cost-effective to implement, yet it yields big results. Here’s why.

Communicate Better With Customers

Banner displays, advertising flags, and other promotional products are ideal for reinforcing a company’s brand or communicating long-term specials. Open the lines of communication as soon as customers step through the front doors. Don’t wait for special events or annual promotions. Give customers insight into the daily happenings of the business or just give them something to think about while they are waiting. Here are a few examples.

In Restaurants

Many restaurants consistently offer daily specials or weekly promotions. Ensure customers know about these through your printed materials.

  • Use table talkers to tell patrons that kids eat free on Tuesdays or students get 10-percent off on Wednesdays.
  • Use a professional banner display with similar messaging in your waiting area. Simple messages like, “We offer vegan and gluten-free menu options” does more than just inform.

Printed promotional items in restaurants send the message that the business cares about the needs of its customers. Their priority is to please the customer and ensure they have a satisfying dining experience.

In Retail Shops

canstockphoto3600921Offering incentives are one of the best ways that printed advertising can be utilized in the retail sector.

  • Use printed signage and banners to welcome customers, tell them about special discounts or encourage them to follow the shop on social media. Offer specific incentive like “Follow us on Facebook to receive a promo code for 25 percent off today.”
  • Have several banners printed and change them weekly, measuring response metrics to see which messaging got the most responses.

Whether the company is a shoe store, dress shop, home improvement store or large-scale car dealership, providing transparent, straightforward information to customers is part of an effective communication and marketing strategy.

For Professional Services

Law firms, doctor’s offices, hair salons, automotive repair, real estate offices and other professional service providers can use their printed materials to communicate special promotions, reminders about how often services should be rendered or to simply tell patrons how much they appreciate their business.

Doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors and other healthcare professionals may choose to have custom signage in each patient room, providing a quick spot to explain conditions and treatment options.

Engage Employees

According to the most recent Gallup poll, only 32.5 percent of American employees are engaged. Fifty-two percent are “not engaged” and 16 percent are “actively disengaged.” How does lack of engagement affect a business?

According to research compiled by Forbes, engagement affects customer service, retention, customer satisfaction and loyalty, productivity and profit. The same article defined engagement as “the emotional commitment an employee has to the organization and its goals.”

While marketing materials are usually designed with customers in mind, the same messaging affects how employees view their employer. Reinforce the company’s vision via banners, advertising flags, flyers, brochures and other materials.

  • Consider printing banners specifically with employees in mind. Stimulate innovation and creativity by reminding employees how important their role is within the organization.
  • Use printed materials as teaching tools for orientation or training. Emphasize company values beyond just work tasks. Promote work/life balance or wellness topics to send the message that company leaders care about employee welfare.
  • Print signage to remind employees about new benefits that will be rolled out or an important employee event.

Banners, signs and brochures are a cost-effective option for every sector from large corporations, educational institutions and healthcare facilities to small business shops and restaurants. Consider just some of the benefits of using professionally printed materials to engage employees:

  • Printed signage or materials provide effective visual aids for presentations. Combining visual and oral instruction increases retention by six times, according to the U.S. Department of Labor OSHA Office of Training and Education.
  • Every business can benefit from an effective communication tool. Take advantage of the visual properties at staff meetings, to chart goals and deadlines, or to simply provide a motivational message.

Take advantage of the versatility offered by marketing materials. Get custom printed materials that fit perfectly within your allotted space. Get creative. Think about what other surfaces could be wrapped to maximize the innovative chemistry of the team. What about table tops, columns and other unique spaces? Print signage for conference rooms, training areas, individual offices or public areas. Create a brainstorming powerhouse with motivational messaging.

Professionally printing materials denotes a commitment to keep something around. However, the cost-effectiveness of banners and flags allows companies to use them for a certain period and discard them when they become obsolete without feeling like money has been wasted. The return on investment outweighs the low-cost of these materials. Leverage an engaged workforce to increase productivity, customer service and the company’s bottom line.

Regardless of the type of business, creating a strong team is key to keeping customers happy. Both external and internal communication is integral to building a strong business. Printed materials play an important role in “sensory marketing.” Getting something tangible into the hands of employees and customers engages their senses and affects perception, judgment and behavior.

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