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Stickers are bright, fun, and sometimes silly, but they can be a beneficial to your business if used as a proper marketing tool. While you may think they are only for children, they are actually quite popular among most consumer age groups. Stickers are an excellent way to expand your market reach in a fun and playful way.

Here are a few ways to utilize stickers in order to increase your business’s visibility and your brand awareness.

Your Audience

Even though stickers appeal to a wide array of ages, you should narrow down your target group to a specific audience that makes up your customer base. Invest time to researching and planning your promotion. Ask yourself questions like:

sticker marketing audience

  • What defines your audience?
  • What are their likes and expectations?
  • What do you want to tell them?
  • What type of customer are you seeking?
  • How can you draw attention to your business?

Custom Stickers

One of the main benefits of stickers is that they can be customized to fit your business needs. When ordered in bulk, they can be used for extended periods and are typically lower in price than when purchasing smaller batches.

Ask for help from a graphic design service to create a sticker that represents your business and is memorable.

Creative Approach

Creativity is essential to an effective sticker marketing campaign. The very nature of stickers make them unique, but with enough brainstorming and the proper graphic design team, you can really come up with something special.

The market it truly flooded with flyers, commercials, interactive ads, and online campaigns, so developing a sticker that is visually appealing, to the point, and unique is an effective way to be noticed.

Sticker Placement

While it’s true that you can simply pass out or mail stickers, just as you would with postcards, flyers, or any other advertisement, there is a better alternative. Sticker placement can make all the difference in the end result of your marketing campaign.

sticker placement

Placing creative stickers in public places can be a remarkable way to draw attention to your company, product, and brand. It goes without saying that you should be careful not to deface public premises and be respectful of other people’s property.

Remember that properly placed stickers can be as effective as the design of the sticker itself.

Bumper Stickers, Car Decals, and More

When people think of stickers as advertising pieces, they often think first of the traditional bumper sticker. Beyond that, though, are car decals that can be stuck to doors, windows, and anywhere else on the vehicle.

You can add to an existing trend or make a completely original vehicle decal. For instance, a jewelry company may offer customers a stick figure decal with every jewelry purchase. Customers would love to add to their automobile sticker family, attaching a woman wearing a shiny diamond-like necklace with an ad for the company beneath it.

Besides car decals and bumper stickers, consider the following types and locations of sticker marketing:

  • Street graphics: Folgers Coffee put a large coffee cup sticker over a manhole in the street, so it looked like steam was rising from the cup of fresh-brewed coffee.
  • Bus ads: You can work with the bus company to add decals that bring humor or interest to its riders.
  • Bathroom mirrors: A makeup company may place lipstick print decals on the mirrors of upscale restrooms.
  • Moving walkways and escalators: Extreme sport magazine Demolicion promoted itself through life-size surfboard stickers placed strategically on moving walkways.
  • Changing rooms: A tattoo shop, Dermagraphic Tattoo, placed various tattoos on the mirrors in changing rooms so that potential customers can “try before you buy” a tattoo.
  • Other advertisements: Gillette found a way to advertise using marketing from magazines, movie posters, and more. They used stickers that resembled bloody tissues so it looked like the men in the ads had nicked themselves while shaving.

Make Your Message Stick

message sticker

Stickers truly can be used as a playful, yet effective marketing technique. Spread your brand by spreading bright and fun promotional stickers. The key strategy is to know your audience and use a creative design team to build a unique and memorable sticker campaign that will draw attention to your company and bring in new clients.

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