Graphic designers have a group of customers they rely on for revenue.  It’s always good to find new ways to expand and reach out to new customers.  Here are some ideas for graphic designers to develop new clients.

Start networking with people to create new connections.  Networking events are the easiest way to get in front of a new set of potential clients and referral sources.  The chamber of commerce in your area offers events for all industries.  There are also private networking events and trade shows.  LinkedIn is a good place to check for networking events in your area.  Use the opportunity to sell your services to potential clients.
Find other companies to partner with and build a business relationship.  Both companies will benefit by sharing the same clients.  Both should offer different services that complement each other (but not the same services as that’s your competition).

EI Logo-We design creative company logos

EI Logo-We design creative company logos

Go back to basics and use business cards.  Social networking and websites are very popular, but business card’s for marketing is as important as ever.  It’s a simple card that has your name, occupation, logo, business name and contact information.  Add some enticing information:  a free offer, a discount consolation, specialties and and/or memorable facts about your services.  Add a QR code so clients can connect with you in detail online.
That QR code should connect to an effective website.  It must be professional, clean, polished and represents you well.  Make sure the website is launched; don’t spend so much time “tweaking” so that the site constantly under construction.  It must state in detail why you’re the best candidate for the job.  More specifically list the services you offer, give a summary of who you are on the homepage, your location, display your best portfolio work, your references, and reasons why you’re best the designer for their upcoming project.

Take the time to volunteer.  Using your services for good (and for free) will offer connections and referrals in exchange.  It’s important to pick the right place to volunteer as there are countless non-profits to choose from, many of which are not in need of design services.
Cold-calling and e-newsletter campaigns.  These practices are not as well-received by customers, but can be effective non-the-less.  Get a wish list to call on consisting of people or businesses who may be in need of your services and offer them the opportunity, and a special offer or discount, to work with you.  Try to close the deal in one phone call.  For e-newsletters, hire an email campaign company to send emails to your potential customers.  Give the ability to opt-out from receiving your e-newsletters, because this will keep your list fresh, current and in front of those interested potential clients of potential future projects.

This list will get your creative juices flowing.  Be motivated to grow and expand your business.  Your hard work and attention to detail can result in a referral stream that will continue to bring in more business than you imagined.

Ways for Graphic Designers to Develop New Clients
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