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Election season is in full swing. Voters are bombarded by political ads everywhere they turn. TV spots, radio announcements, political flyers, postcards, and community debates are just a few of the ways candidates are reaching out to their communities.

Keep in mind that an election campaign should always be thought of as marketing a corporate brand. A candidate’s message must be clear and concise, and your campaign is working to get your message to the public. Your marketing campaign needs to clearly state your message and influence voters, allowing them to make an informed decision. More than that, an effective campaign must not only reach the maximum number of potential voters, but it must also be memorable engaging if you’re going to win an election.

Win an ElectionThere’s a good reason why voters see so many political postcards and flyers in their mailbox this time of year. Simply put: it works!

The mailbox is the most targeted medium in election time. Delivering flyers and postcards is the most effective way to communicate your campaign message to the maximum number of voters. Ensuring your flyer is remembered above all others is crucial to election success.

How can an up-and-coming candidate ensure that he is not lost in the sea of aspiring politicians? We’ve compiled our top five tips to make your print marketing stand out this political season.

Keep It Simple

A candidate must have a clear, concise, and memorable message. You probably have a list of reasons why you are the ideal candidate, but fitting all of them on to one postcard will turn off voters. Do not overwhelm your audience.

Each flyer or postcard should focus on one or two key points of your message. When voters have less to read, it’s far more likely they will see your points and remember them accurately. It is more effective to give voters a couple compelling reasons to follow your campaign and point them, and direct them to a website or interview to hear the details of what you stand for.

Let Your Picture Do The Talking

It’s important that voters form a connection with you. The standard rigid headshot slapped on a postcard doesn’t cut it anymore. Voters see dozens of candidates who do this every election season.

Instead, your photos should convey your personality, and encourage your voters to reach out and connect with you. Use a photo that conveys how you’re a real person who can relate to the voters in your community, and to their issues.

Choose The Right Colors

Using color effectively throughout your campaign attracts attention and evokes emotions on both a conscious and a sub-conscious. A consistent color scheme throughout all the components of your campaign will convey the message that you are solid and dependable. You do not waiver.

the three biggest mistakes politicians make with their marketing campaigns
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Consistent colors also help voters to recognize your flyers and other political ads, without even seeing or hearing your message. If a voter receives a door hanger in the same colors as a previous postcard, they are more likely to connect the two and recall the key messages.

In addition to color, try to maintain the same fonts and logos whenever possible. Your voters should be able to recognize your campaign brand on sight and connect the material with your image and beliefs.

Choose Quality Materials

It’s tempting to try to cut back on costs. Candidates who utilize multiple mailings to reach voters sometimes make the choice to cut back on quality materials, believing that the sheer quantity of their mailings will allow them to efficiently reach their constituency.  Find the right supplier that offers high quality at LOW cost.  There is no need to sacrifice one for the other.

Now is not the time to skimp on quality. A flimsy and unattractive flyer has a much greater probability of going directly into the recycle bin before being read. Your mailings are often the first glimpse that potential voters have of your campaign. Conveying the message on quality materials will represent your brand and message in a memorable way.

Unique and interesting materials are now available at incredibly low capital costs.  For instance, consider choosing postcards from Electro Image’s Premium Collection. Finishes like our Pearl Metallic, which shimmers at different angles due to the embedded pearl fibers, and the AkuaFoil finishes, which creates a sparkling foil finish, are quality and attention-grabbing investments.

Build Trust Through A Multifaceted Approach

In addition to flyers and postcards, consider other avenues to reach voters. Ask supporters to display tactfully designed yard signs at their homes and wear campaign buttons when out in public. Electro Image offers a number of button designs including keychain buttons and magnet buttons for those who oppose piercing their clothing in the name of a political campaign.

And never underestimate the power of a well-designed website and social media presence. Voters today are turning to social media more than ever to learn about their favorite candidates. It’s a great way for potential voters to find information about what you stand for and to read more about your views. Including links on your traditional printed items is a must.

Be sure to keep your website consistent with the branding of your printed materials to reinforce your message and create a stronger connection with voters. The website should be well designed, user friendly, and allow the voters the opportunity to communicate with you. Broken links and poor communication on social media only create distance between you and the voters.

the three biggest mistakes politicians make with their marketing campaigns
Don't make these mistakes!
Download our FREE campaign success checklist now.
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