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You supply the merchants, we supply the perfect product!

Whether you belong to or volunteer for one of these groups, there comes a time when you’ll need to raise funds for a cause or an action. When you get to that point, the challenge becomes how to create a fundraising event that is memorable and beneficial, yet doesn’t drain the existing budget or the sanity of the person in charge.

Fundraising Product Center

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Here you’ll find everything you need to create a stress-free, low-cost, and successful fundraising campaign.

Let’s start with the products:

Fundraising products are plentiful & versatile. Bands, sports and cheer groups are the classic users that profit from these products. But did you know they can be the secret weapon for a wider variety of organizations?

Consider the possibilities:

  • An Elementary School utilizing Merchant Tickets to raise funds for new computers for their Learning Lab.
  • Campus Ministries implementing Discount Cards to collect funds for on-campus child care
  • A Community offering golf passes to rally support for a military family

Get a closer look:

Merchant Tickets*merchant-ticket

  • 4 size options
  • Scored and perforated for ease
  • Customized options available
  • Plenty of space to include logo, mascot, purpose

Fundraising Plastic Cards*

  • Combo packs available—discount card, key tag and break-off tab choices
  • Discounts can vary from unlimited to ‘limited time only’—customize for your specific goals
  • Magnetic stripe available
  • Variable data-numbering
  • Huge range of merchant possibilities

Order Forms & Envelopes*

  • Make the entire job easier with forms & envelopes to keep items organized
  • Handy for all settings and groups

Golf Passes*

  • Not just for golf, these specialty items are suitable for any fundraising project
  • Large-sized, 18-count tickets
  • Accordion-folded, opens to 11”x18”

*We’ll supply you with an excel worksheet which simplifies the merchant info. Fill out our form with your merchants and their offers and we’ll do the rest!

Coordination with Consultants:

Fundraising Consultants, we’ve got you covered too:

  • We have the product lines and promotional services that ensure success for your clients at wholesale prices.

What you can expect from our fundraising products:

  • Easy to create
  • Fast turnaround
  • Rapid & reliable shipping
  • Low per-unit pricing
  • If any fundraising products were left over, they’d make great keepsakes!

Plus, our graphic design team will create appealing designs for your needs and goals. Share your ideas with us or we’ll make something enjoyable for you! Click on a link above for details about products or consultants. Please contact us  for consultation or additional information.

Your fundraising success begins with Electro Image.