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Any Size, Any Shape—Your Brochure Is the Launching Pad for In-Person Promotion.

Get Pricing & MoreBrochures vary in size, fold, and dimensions—and even by name. The single-fold varieties may be known as pamphlets, while no-fold variants may be called flyers. Whatever their name, they’re reliable!

Businesses have used the brochure to share the news about their products, services, history or purpose for years. Now is your chance to take that strength and add it to your marketing plan.

When you think of a brochure, the traditional tri-fold document usually comes to mind. With the several options available through Electro Image LLC, you’re brochures will wow your audience where ever you go.

A few of the choices to choose from:

  • Several fold options—you’ll find plenty of space to inform or educate your clients. You’ll never worry if you have enough room again.
  • paper stock and coatings—product and service promotions can have their own unique texture and design
  • standard to custom—as your purpose and exposure grow, your brochure can grow with you

The beauty of the brochure is it isn’t strictly limited to panels—step beyond the folds to maximize your message. Anything goes with a brochure, flyer or pamphlet so make it fun!

How Electro Image and the graphic design specialists work with you:

Do you have an idea but not sure how to implement the power of the brochure? Talk to our graphic designers. We’ve got lots of creative juice available for your project. We’ll listen, make suggestions, take you from traditional to something wild—whatever fits your purpose. We’ve got the tools and the tech to bring creativity to your business.

Bonus: Once your brochure is designed, we’ve got the means to print and distribute. No need to shop around for these services with Electro Image LLC on your team. We’ll get it done—from concept to completion!

Next: make your brochure work for you:

  • enhance your introduction at networking meetings
  • provide more information at conventions, seminars or public events
  • offer specials
  • give a little history
  • explain your purpose
  • offer as take-away tools anywhere you go
  • with the space available, you can highlight important information
  • also serve well as a direct mail piece
  • with the options available, you’ll always stand out from your competitors

Need more information? Contact us for details or visit our blog for inspiration. We’re your one-stop specialist for brochure design and printing local—and nationwide!

Whatever your message, a brochure is the sure way to get it read! Make it happen with Electro Image LLC.


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We offer brochure design in the St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago areas as well as in all fifty states!

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