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Increasing OPEN RATES is EASY with the classic touch

The envelope has traditionally been an invisible item that has recently undergone a major transition and appreciation. As print communication and ‘snail mail’ competes with digital and internet delivery methods, colorful and well-designed envelopes are now creating a stir in any setting: your postal box, in-house and through various forms of external messaging.

No longer boring and unappealing, custom print envelopes immediately stand out from anything else. Why?

  • Get Pricing & Moreenvelopes are now different: most communication is online so an actual envelope creates immediate curiosity and encourages open-rates
  • envelopes are unexpected: we all have those ‘junk mail’ days, so when a colorful envelope appears in our box, it immediately draws attention—isn’t that what you are looking for?
  • an effective way to deliver a huge variety of information and ideas
  • envelopes enhance your brand

Typically coordinated with company letterheads, your custom designed envelopes go beyond the usual delivery vessel. Consider these ideas:

In-house uses:

Forget those dull, white envelopes! Presenting your information in a fun and flashy manner can increase morale and response and add pep to anything—including meetings.

  • company events and announcements
  • bonus items—how about a holiday gift card
  • thank you notes & employee appreciation letters
  • inter-departmental communications
  • board meetings and agenda
  • newsletters

External uses:

Envelopes also boost your brand identity, keeping your business top of mind.

  • invoices & billing
  • brochures & flyer delivery
  • sending payment to vendors
  • company news & newsletters
  • time-sensitive literature and other important documents

Personal uses:

Stationery-AdNot only within one’s family, but consider specially designed envelopes for promoting groups, charities and organizations you support.

  • invitations—baby showers to welcome home parties
  • news—family news or community events
  • if you volunteer for a group, news will need to be delivered. Make it matter with a custom envelope.

Combine with a Corporate Identity package:

Inbound marketing and corporate identity build from a solid foundation of business stationery. Visit the following pages to build your business brand,

then contact our graphic design team to make it a winner.

Look below for inspiration and samples of our work. Visit our blog for ideas or call Rick for more details.

For an efficient and reliable delivery system and identity package, Electro Image has the product and professionals to ensure your success.


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We offer St. Louis envelope printing with direct-to-door delivery in all fifty states!

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