Postcard Printing in St Louis

Postcard Printing

Mattei IWF-2008 postcard mail campaign for tradeshow invitation

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With so many ways to deliver a message, sometimes all you need is a colorful blast of information. While many print products are aimed toward the business community, sometimes a quick and simple project is needed for the strongest impact.

That’s when a postcard is the best choice.

Consider for business:

  • notice of a grand opening, new product or service offering
  • show appreciation to clients
  • appointment reminder cards
  • discounts, sales or specials
  • an alternative to business cards at networking events or expos

Opportunities for personal use:

  • announce a birth, a wedding, a family reunion
  • invitations for graduations or parties
  • thank you notes for friends and family
  • an alternative to holiday greetings

Fundraising Ideas:

  • raise awareness for a cause
  • announce a community need
  • inform citizens about growth or progress on a project
  • offer thanks to volunteers and contributors

Whatever your idea or need, postcard printing from Electro Image LLC of St. Louis is just what you need for the perfect delivery. That’s why we offer:

  • many card options and sizes available
  • gloss, uncoated, linen or matte coating options
  • customizable to make your project unique
  • rapid turnaround time
  • direct mail services

Getting started:

Have an idea, but wonder how to make it a reality? We have the graphic design team that will work with you to develop the best product and design to support your cause, event or purpose. Ask us about:

  • Ad design: print or online, we’ll create an appealing ad that enhances your message.
  • Logo design: we’ll create the most memorable brand for your purpose
  • Postcard design: anywhere you go a postcard is a great ‘leave-behind’ item.

What you can expect from Electro Image LLC:

  • Excellent quality
  • Fast turn-around
  • personalized customer service
  • Easy and convenient online ordering process
  • Reliable & cost-efficient shipping to the St. Louis metro area or nationwide
  • most orders delivered in under a week

No need to look anywhere else when Electro Image LLC has everything you need!

Ready to learn more? Look below for inspiration and samples of our work. Visit our blog for ideas and news or call Rick for details.

Use postcards when you want a message that POPS!


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