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Door Hangers

Open Doors—and Possibilities—with the Versatility & Visibility of Door Hangers!

With so many marketing possibilities available, very few receive visual AND tactile responses from customers as door hangers do. Placed on any handle, these marketing pieces require recipients to touch and read, often before taking further action.

How can Door Hangers work for you?

Used for years by the hospitality industry, door hangers are a quick visual to what’s happening inside or nearby. Visitors will know whether to enter or to come back later with a custom designed hanger for your business and patrons.

Does your clientele include students?

From high school through college, students need food, fun and fashion. Restaurants to retailers will gain extra attention by hanging these on doors where ever this population is—from dormitories to apartment complexes.

Raise awareness for Political Campaigns

Spread the word about a favorite candidate, proposal or election issue. Door hangers first draw attention, but once brought inside, can serve as reminders.

Need other ideas? Take a look at these possibilities:

Promotional items

  • Get Pricing & MoreLibraries can hand these out to patrons with an “I’m Reading” message and library hours on the back
  • Service Industries can hang these in neighborhoods where they provide landscaping or construction services
  • Entertainment or Business services can use door hangers for parking passes or event passes
  • Community groups can spread word about an upcoming event.
  • Consider door hangers as part of your fundraising product choices:
    • Teen sleeping
    • Do Not Disturb
    • Testing in Progress
    • Keep Out!
    • Genius at Work
    • Writing in Progress
    • Studying—Quiet Please!


  • include a perforated coupon or discount
  • print a map for customer convenience
  • include hours or additional contact information
  • add a business card to keep or share

Shapes, sizes and possibilities are unlimited! Do you need a creative boost to get things rolling? That’s where the graphic design team at Electro Image LLC steps up. We’ll help develop the design and style that best suits your goals. Count on us for:

  • personal attention
  • low-cost leader in St. Louis and nationwide
  • quality workmanship

To learn more, call us. Looking for ideas or inspiration? Visit our blog!

From the door and beyond, door hangers will pull them in!


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