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Dry Erase Wall Covering

Who says walls don’t talk? Get a Dry Erase Wall Covering & watch those walls come to life!

Dry Erase Wall CoveringThere are many ways to share a message, but sometimes you need something interactive or changeable at a moment’s notice. That’s where a dry erase wall covering makes it happen. For individual use, group use, employee messages or to mingle with the crowd, this handy tool will be just what you need. Take a look:

Business: your work day is hectic and many times you’ll need to jot down a note or monitor progress on an event.

  • goal-tracking charts—handy for keeping track of deadlines, projects or countdowns
  • dry erase calendars

Retail: these busy stores and restaurants are always hopping. Let a dry erase wall covering make quick work of important messages

  • announce your specials of the day
  • mention the customer or employee of the day
  • display wait time in busy areas or waiting rooms

Educational settings: from schools and colleges to conferences, boardrooms and webinars, a dry erase graphic is a must-have teaching aid.

  • speaking & presentations—faster and easier than some visual aids, a dry erase wall covering gets the speaker and audience involved
  • Place them around the room to create different lessons or situations on each wall

All purpose: add these ideas to the possibilities

  • motivational messages
  • news or updates in high-traffic areas
  • to-do lists

Pluses: large dry erase boards are bulky and often priced out of the budget. With the many sizes of dry erase wall coverings available through Electro Image LLC, you’ll be able to put one in place, at any location with a minimum of fuss, muscle and cost.

  • ‘low-tac adhesive turns any wall space into an instant whiteboard
  • set up is easy; no tools or hardware is needed
  • won’t damage or stain walls
  • Portable and reusable!
  • All you need in your traveling wall kit are dry erase markers, erasers and cleaner.
  • Quick. Easy. Lightweight. Reusable for years.

Get Started with Dry Erase Wall Coverings

An extra bonus: though they’re known as wall decals, roll one out on your table top! These handy decals are fun for brainstorming or even doodling. Create team-building with dry erase wall covering on each table in classrooms or conference rooms.

With all these great ideas, all you need now is some design, great graphics and color. That’s where the graphic design team at Electro Image LLC can help, so contact them with your ideas and they’ll do the rest.

Ready to put a dry erase wall covering to work for you? Call Rick for more information or visit the link above for a quick quote.

Be ready to unroll and write! Dry erase graphics are what you need for instant messaging and creativity!

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