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With its ‘Attractive’ Personality, Magnets Draw Attention on the Road, at the Office or at Home!

Magnets are one of those items that are fun for everyone. In business, magnets continue to be fun and fabulous for many promotional applications as well as advertising purposes.

Vehicle magnets

Are you on the road a lot? Do you have a company vehicle—but a custom paint job isn’t in the budget? Or do you use the family car and need a quick and easy way to advertise your business while traveling to meetings, events and project locations?

Put a magnet to work for you! These roaming advertisements come in a variety of sizes to fit a door or other large surface on your vehicle. They clean up easy and can quickly be transferred from one vehicle to another, or removed at the end of the work day.

Let the family car do double duty: continue to advertise your business when driving to schools, errands and family events.


Get Pricing & MoreWe’re all familiar with home refrigerator magnets—you probably have two or more on yours now. As the traditional location for promotional magnets, here are a few other refrigerators to consider:

Dorm refrigerators: students always need food and fun. Create a magnet for your business, include contact information, business hours and a few special tear-off tabs and you’ve got happy, repeat customers.

Office refrigerators: break rooms and offices with a refrigerator offer a respite for staff, visitors and employees. Here is a prime opportunity to attract extra attention. Create a magnet with important numbers, emergency info, or even a calendar magnet.

Conference room refrigerators: here’s a great surface to place magnetic business cards. Trade and exchange between meetings or sessions and watch this become a new location to make connections and attract leads!

Any industry can benefit from a magnet

Here’s just a sampling:

  • Utilities: when the lights go out, create a glow-in-the-dark magnet that your customers can rely on day or night. Offer a magnet with emergency numbers and contact information. Add a discount for added incentive!
  • Realtors: welcome new home owners with a magnet that promotes your business but also provides handy information for popular neighborhood services.
  • Food & Fun: create a magnet that doubles as a discount card with tear off coupons.

More ideas:

Magnets can be used forfundraising opportunities, community groups, schools, sports teams and so much more. Magnets can also be reused throughout the year to vary the message with the season or the reason.

Magnet choices are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, making the possibilities endless. Electro Image LLC also prints custom magnet shapes, so call Electro Image to get the details.

Not sure how to make a magnet work for you? Call Rick for ideas and information. Do you already have an idea but now you need the visuals to make it a winner. Our graphic design team has the creativity to make it memorable.

On the road or on the fridge, magnets work for you around the clock!


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We offer magnet design and printing in St. Louis, Kansas City and Chicago areas as well as in all fifty states!

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