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Puzzle Printing

Entertaining with an element of mystery, reveal the playful side of your business with promotional puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are one of those adaptable items that are useful and enjoyable at any age. When applied to your marketing campaign, a puzzle will engage all combinations of clientele: family members, team members, leads and prospects.

Start with a few of our ideas and mix it up with some of your own!


Get Pricing & MoreCreate a little curiosity with these concepts

  • hand out a puzzle to commemorate an event, a milestone or a celebration
  • include a puzzle with your direct mail promotions
  • share at open house gatherings or grand openings
  • offer as a thank you gift or cards
  • include a discount or special offer hidden within the puzzle
  • tradeshow handouts
  • create a puzzle contests, the first one done gets a prize

Religious organizations:

Build a puzzle theme for your congregation or parish

  • create a puzzle for special events, holidays, ceremonies, and festivals
  • promote seasonal activities
  • teaching opportunities are more memorable with a puzzle


Plenty of opportunity to entertain students and families

  • create a memorable puzzle for prom, homecoming, or winning a state championship
  • create a puzzle of your school mascot
  • hand out puzzles to new students


Puzzle-PierceSchoolBuild a puzzle around your cause!

  • Are you raising funds for an animal shelter? A senior center? A special charity.
  • Here’s a super way to combine the fun of a puzzle with the purpose of your fundraiser!


Not only promotional, but relaxing and stress-reducing.

Puzzles are a great way to step away from the crazy days that hit us all at one point or another. They’ll clear the brain; refreshing the mind for a healthy break.

A puzzle will keep your business top of mind while also letting your customers and clients know you there’s a playful side to your business.

Ready to get started? Consult our graphic design team to create the image and design to make your puzzle pop! We’re the low-cost team to print and design the perfect puzzle for your business.

To learn more, call Rick. Looking for ideas or inspiration? Visit our blog!

Any time of the day or year, a little fun and games is healthy. Make it happen with a promotional puzzle from Electro Image LLC!

Puzzle Printing

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